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Dante's Inferno "Create Your Own Hell" project

Mrs. Hasty's sophomore class, 2014 (-:

Danielle Tarver

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Dante's Inferno "Create Your Own Hell" project

Fourth Circle of Hell
Punishment -- The item(s) stolen will develop inside of one's body. It begins off in a miniscule proportion, but then slowly increases in size. This begins to disrupt the body's organs and eventually tears them apart. The body will shut down and delivers unbearable pain. Once the object grows large enough, it will pierce through the body ripping it apart. Afterward, the whole process restarts and is forever continuous.
First Circle of Hell
nterrupting Someone While Talking
Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole jewelry and wardrobe items from the set of "Anger Management".
Third Circle of Hell
Punishment --Cheating (on a test, competition or significant other) results having fairness revoked from you which is replaced by eternal pain physically and mentally. One enters a realm full of enemies from a previous life who only taunt you and throw shards of ice and arrows in the direction you're standing in. There is no place to run nor hide.
Ashton Kutcher cheated on his former wife, Demi Moore.
Punishment -- At the moment you attempt to utter words or any noise, your tongue begins to split in half and then twist together. Your tongue basically begins to squeeze itself to remove all saliva, similar to how one would squeeze a rag to remove the water.
Fifth Circle of Hell
Taking Advantage of People
Punishment -- Your soul forcefully gets sucked out from your eye socket (in the process, your actual eyes are removed too), and its then spit out into a river full of other worthless souls. You are then left souless and blind.
Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift in a past VMA show.
Sixth Circle of Hell
Punishment -- Your body is placed in an empty and small room. You're forced to endure death-curdling pitches in high volumes, giving you massive and unbearable migraines and that also cause your ears to bleed.
Seventh Circle of Hell
Substance Abuse/Addiction
Punishment -- Whether it's due to abuse of alcohol or drugs, you are strapped to a wall and needles are forcefully placed all over your body (including the tongue). As soon as there is no more room left for a needle to go, the needles sink into your skin and the whole process starts over.
Ninth Circle of Hell
Violence Resulting in Death of Another
Punishment --Each limb from your body is removed, and is thrown into a blender. Although the body parts are not connected to your body, you will be able to feel the pain once the limb is placed into the blender and is being destroyed.
Eight Circle of Hell
Child Abuse
Second Circle of Hell
Charlie Sheen is considered to be a very selfish, and narcissistic person.
Marilyn Monroe died due to drug overdose.
Punishment -- The earth grows hands underneath where you are standing, grabs your ankles and pulls you into the ground. Insects start to pick at your skin and give massive wounds. The dirt you encounter on the way down infects your wounds and they never have the ability to get better and heal.
Phill Lewis a.k.a Mr. Moseby was charged with manslaughter.
Katherine Heigl was busted by a cop for littering.
People who fit under this category may be celebrities who take advantage of their fans.
Punishment -- Your skin gets torn from your body and is reversed. It is then sewn back using needles and thread. Afterward, you are drenched with alcohol and you are forced to lay in it for eternity.
Although she did not abuse a child, Halle Berry has a story of abuse involving her childhood.
By: Danielle Ta
ver (-:
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