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How Goats Impacted World Advancment

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on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of How Goats Impacted World Advancment

Climate and Food
Goats are very versatile creatures. They can live practically anywhere as long as there is adequate food and water. They eat grass shrubs and roughage.
The resources from goats could be sold or traded with other people. Goats were also sold which helped the world gain wealth. Due to their small size, travel and trading wasn't hard because they are portable.
Trade: helping The World Gain Wealth
What are Goats?
Goats are Bovines that are closely related to cows and antelopes. There are over 210 different breeds of goats in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes. Their colors are diverse too including black, white, brown, gray or a combination of these.
Resources from Goats
People have been using goats for many things including milk, Which can be made into cheese, and their hair for blankets and clothing. Also, the animals can be eaten and their hides used for leather and clothing.
How Goats Help
The Spanish Goat helped Texan ranchers clear brush, and an annual flower that was toxic to cattle and sheep.
In the 1800 southwest ranchers raised Angora goats for wool alongside sheep.
Goats milk is also very healthy and filling and a good substitute for cow's milk.
How Goats came to America
Goats are not native to America. In the 1500's the spanish brought Spanish Goats to America. Also, some came on the boats with Christopher Columbus in 1492.
Genetic Engineering
Bitterweed (the annual toxic flower.)
Scientists inserted a spiders’ drag line silk gene into the goats’ DNA that made them produce spider silk in their milk. This “silk milk” could then be used to manufacture a web-like material called Bio steel.

What would happen if goats were no longer a source to the U.S.
Many people drink goat milk, make cheese or use their skin to make different things. If we didn't have goats, people would have to find another animal to drink its milk or use its skin. Most likely cow's milk unless they are allergic to it. Another thing is that people keep goats in their yards for eating their grass and use their waste for fertilizer to help plants grow.
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Made by:
Lacey Lober
Sophie Burnett
How Goats Impacted U.S. Advancement
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Angora Goats
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Timothy Grass
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Goat Hair
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Goat Milk
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