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Rowan Atkinson

Engels pta presentatie

Bram Niet bekent

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson Create by: Bram Dieker Content Why did I choose did subject?
Private life
Mr. Bean
End Why did I choose this subject? Johhny English
Mr. Bean
Information Cars Loves cars
Morris Minnor
Not little cars
McLaren F1
Top Gear Ferrari
2 Aston Martins
Lotus Career Edinburgh Festival, August
Toured Onemanshow
Not nine o'clock news, 1979 / 1982
Blackadder, 4 seasons
Oliver, 2009
Stop with Mr. Bean
19 November 2012
Olympic games Movie career 1983, Never say, Never again
Not official movie
1983, Dead on Time
1990, The Witches
1993, Hot Shots Part Deux
1997, Bean, The ultimate disaster movie
2007, Mr. Bean Holiday
2003 & 2011, Johnny English/Reborn Johnny English Reborn The last movie
Follow up
The principal
Oliver Parker
101 minutes
6 October 2011
5 main characters Private Life 6 January 1955, Consett
Eric Atkinson & Ella Mei
Rodney, Rubert and Paul
Universiteit Newcastle and Oxford
Sunetra Sastry
5 February 1990
Lilly and Benjamin
Ability, £97 million Mr. Bean British comedy TV program
14 series of 25 minutes
1 January 1990 / 15 November 1995
Main Characters
Mr. Bean
Irma Grobb
The car Mr. Bean Funny & Childisch
Small Flat
Jacket & red tie
Not understood Irma Grobb Girlfriend
Pair broadcasts Teddy Bear
Best Friends
Pet The car Britisch Leyland mini 1000
Kariker Cars Animation serie of Mr. Bean 2002
3 series
52 broadcast
more characters Mr. Bean
Julia Wicket
Scrapper Irma Grobb
The car Movie & exercise Short movie
Write with your group
The end
Read it
3 minutes The end
Full transcript