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Factory Farming

Health Care Class

Sofia Luna

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Factory Farming

What is

What is a Factory Farm?
Scientists at the Smithsonian Institution have stated that the equivalent of SEVEN football fields of land is bulldozed every single minute to create more land for farming animals.
ANIMAL involvement
Where do I go?
Basic Issues
Unclean air
Unnatural lighting
Unnatural growth
Non-therapeutic medicating
Absent veterinary care
Surgical mutilations
Lack of space

Basic Issues
Manitoba Pigs
260 Million Acres (and counting) of US forests have been clear-cut to create land for producing feed for livestock.
In the 2004-2005 crop season, all the wild animals and trees in over 2.9 million acres of the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil were destroyed in order to grow crops to produce feed for chickens and other factory farmed animals.
About 80% of the land is the Amazon has been deforested
Ohio Cow Farm
December 2012
Meat v.s Meat
The natural environment suffers in many ways from factory-farming practices. Sometimes the damage is sudden and catastrophic, as when a ruptured lagoon causes a massive fish kill. At other times, it is cumulative -- for example, when manure is repeatedly overapplied, it runs off the land and accumulates as nutrient pollution in waterways.
Either way, the effects are severe. For instance, water quality across the country is threatened by phosphorus and nitrogen, two nutrients present in animal wastes. In excessive amounts, nutrients often cause an explosion of algae that robs water of oxygen, killing aquatic life. One toxic microorganism, Pfiesteria piscicida, has been implicated in the death of more than one billion fish in coastal waters in North Carolina.Manure can also contain traces of salt and heavy metals, which can end up in bodies of water and accumulate in the sediment, concentrating as they move up the food chain. And lagoons not only pollute groundwater; they also deplete it. Many factory farms use groundwater for cleaning, cooling and providing drinking water.
The Egg Test
Factory Farmed Vs.
Free Range
Cows and sheep are responsible for 37% of the total methane (23 times as warming as CO2) generated by human activity.
Agricultural in Canada is divided by two:
Provincial and Federal Government.
Creating multifunctional policies that will compensate farmers to preserve the environment.
Renewing the laws and making them effective.
The Meat inspection Act that deals with federally inspected slaughter facilities
Criminal Code
Cruelty to Animals Provisions
animal cruelty a criminal offense complete with higher penalties for offenders.
role of the Canadian Government
Dairy cows naturally live to be 20 years old, however dairy cows today usually only live to be about 3-4 years old
Egg-laying Chickens
Industrial systems today generate 74 percent of the world’s poultry products and 68 percent of eggs.
raising animals for food produces in factories create more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes, and other forms of transportation combined
This waste emits green house gases, and leaks into lakes, rivers and ground water, making the community at risk of these wastes.
What are the symptoms and side effects?
So, how can we raise awareness?
Simple joys in life have been that are taken for granted, like freedom, exercise, and sunshine has been denied to many living animals.
We aren't supposed to know about this, because factories that exist like these are supposed to be hidden from us.
It is impossible to fix this issue and to remove it in the blink of an eye,
However, we can start to have a better future for our animals.
Being aware is already the start, because things spreads by word-of-mouth or through the internet
begin to consider free range eggs, organic produce
We as a species has achieved to much over the past years, why is it that this is still happening?
Raising animals contributes more to climate change, species extinction, air pollution and water pollution.
By going to:
you will be able to learn more about this issue, and how you can take action
As well as:
If you would like to take it step further and get rid of meat in your diet
Eating less meat, going meat free
factory farming farm is
beneficial to the consumers and farmers because it produces more food at cheaper prices to consumers than to small farms due to technologies that they are using, it produces many foods to distribute to other cities.
employment in nearby communities
Positive outlook
Large scale business
Raises a large amount of animals for food
Animals are in confined in over crowded facilities to produce large amounts of meat, eggs and dairy products as fast and cheap as possible.
Most symptoms and side affects from factory farming that occur to the general public are caused when contaminated products from factory farms are consumed. These are some examples:
Mad cow disease
Food poisoning - etc
There is also an over use of antibiotics on factory farms. In the US more than 80% of antibiotics used were given to factory farm animals, which can be transferred onto humans, meaning we can no longer use antibiotics to treat basic illnesses.
The health hazards that are produced by factory farming are very simple to understand. They are not clean with their system of producing products so factory farms are a breeding ground for diseases that can spread via many routes, not by just the food we eat but also by water, air, the workers and the workers family which can all become a vessel where the disease can travel and infect many people in a short range of time.
Water pollution from factory farms is due to factory farms dumping the manure from animals in waste lagoons which seeps into ground water making it harmful for us to drink.
Air pollution is from the harmful gases like , ammonia, Hydrogen sulfide for the workers. And vast amounts of CO2 emissions.
Charina, Lorraine and Sofia
"Maximize output while minimizing costs—always at the animals’ expense"
By cramming animals into
tiny spaces
, even though many of the animals get sick and some die more
can be made
Solution's: To prevent or reduce health related cases
Go vegan/vegetarian! - with less demand for animal products, the less there will be factory farms
Buy local/Organic farmers - it is more expensive but it can make a change for the better, and your health
Public awareness - The more people know what is being done to these animals plus the side affects that can come to us will make a big difference in changing the way factory farms work.
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