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Life Event Planning

No description

Cooper Low

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Life Event Planning

Cooper Low & Shandi Haynie
Cedar High School FCCLA
Cedar High School
Cedar City Utah
Pacific Region
Life Event Planning
Junior Prom
Table of Contents
Planning Process
Project Summary
Profile of Event
Comparison Shopping
Event Plan
Save The Last Dance For Me
Planning Process Summary
Cedar High School Junior Prom
March 22, 2014
To create a wholesome event where adolescents can come together and have a good time.
To unite the students at Cedar High School for an event that is so epic, everyone wants to be there.
Carry out an event that is so legendary while maintaining our meager budget.
A budget of $2500
Formulating enthusiasm around the school for the event.
Prioritizing our time between schoolwork, FCCLA, extracurricular activities, family, religious activities and Prom
Evidence of Project Summary
Comparison Shopping
$5.99 a yard
Our venue contains massive windows, therefore we had to cover them to prevent light from ruining the ambiance of the dance.
$199.99 a bundle
$4.14 for three
Cedar High Prostart
Cedar High Prostart
We wanted the effect we knew feathers could bring, but while staying in our budget
Wedding Planner
$12.00 to rent
Wedding Decor & More
We had tables that needed to be embellished, so we rented table cloths amongst other things instead of buying.
D.J. Lex
Richard Batt
A dance is a dance, so there must be music to dance to, we looked a many different D.J.'s in the area, and compared prices, tunes, and talent.
Save The Last Dance For Me
Identify Concerns
Being members of the Student Government in addition to FCCLA, we wanted to create an alternative to high school students roaming around the town and wreaking havoc. Cedar High has had the tradition of Junior Prom since it was established, combining the two we created a truly wholesome and fun memory for the students.
Set a Goal
Both of us, along with our council, wanted to create an event that our peers loved so much it rivaled Hollywood's idea of Prom.
Form a Plan
As a council we came up with an idea of what we wanted the theme to be. From there, we planned a date, location, decorations, and everything involved with a dance for our school.
We reserved the location, shopped around to find the best price for the decorations that created the feeling we wanted, planned a menu, and booked a D.J.
Follow Up
Through careful planning, budgeting, and heeding the ideas of those around us we hope to create a truly memorable event.
Event Plan
Cedar High School Junior Prom
Mrs. Esplin- Student Government Advisor
Amy Callister- Wedding Planner Extraordinaire
Richard Batt- D.J.
Miss Tegge- Student Government Advisor
Mrs. Leavitt- FCCLA Advisor
Jason Clark- Venue Manager
D.J. Drift
Stay within the budget of $2500
A venue
A D.J.
Southern Utah University
Heritage Theatre
A venue is a necessity when planning a formal school dance.
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