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El 12 de Octubre

No description

Michalea Jones

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of El 12 de Octubre

Also called el Dia de Colon; the day Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas. El de 12 Octubre For some, it is el Dia de la Hispanidad, a day to celebrate one's connection with all other Spanish-speaking people regardless of their country And for others it is el Dia la Raza, a day when indigenous people come together as a community and celebrate their heritage This celebration takes place on October 12th.
This day however is not just celebrating the day that Christopher Columbus found the Americas. it is a day that bring all cultures together they celebrate everything that joins us together rather than what separates us. This date marks the first blending of the european and spanish cultures. Mexico Dia de la Raza
Indigenous groups gather
in Mexico City dressed in their
community's traditional outfits,
some wearing pre-Colombian
clothing and headdresses. Nueva York Dia de la Hispanidad
High school students carry flags
representing all the American
countries as they march in parade
down Fifth Avenue Chile Dia La Raza
A woman form Pehuenche
indigenous community gathers
with other indigenous groups
in downtown Santiago Spain Dia Nacinal de Espana
The Spanish government celebrates
with a parade in Madrid Video of Dia de la Hispanidad celebration
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