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Music Marketing 1.1


Suzi Toon

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Music Marketing 1.1

Music Marketing 1.1
By Suzi Toon
‘Daft Punk’ is a French duo (Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo) of electronic music producers/arrangers/musicians who have been very influential to popular music and other artists since forming twenty years ago. The product of this marketing analysis is 'Random Access Memories' which is their fourth studio album which was first released May 17th 2013 at the album launch in Australia and May 20th 2013 in the UK. It was released by their own imprint called ‘Daft Life’ and under license to Columbia Records. The reason I have chosen this product is due to it's unique, massive, global marketing campaign and commercial success so far.
Their futuristic robot brand image is an integral part of their marketing strategy which allows the music to come first, avoiding the superficial celebrity status. Their unique selling point is that they are known to be mysterious, cutting edge and always musically ahead of their time.
With influence from many masters of music and top industry people working on the project, the quality of the album's musical production and its artistic integrity achieved is phenomenal.
By combining modern dance music with more traditional styles such as funk and disco, Daft Punk have created a very post-modern ecclectic style for this album which is unique.
the metascore for the album based on 46 critic reviews is 87/100.

Many of the songs on the album are collaborations with other famous musicians. Artists such as vocalist Pharell Williams, guitarist Nile Rogers, Panda Bear, Julian Casablancas, Todd Edwards, DJ Falcon, Chilly Gonzales, disco legend Giorgio Moroder and the incredible songwriter Paul Williams have all played their part. The album contains strong elements of funk, disco and electronic music and has a clear dance theme to all of the songs. This variation of influences, collaborations and styles has meant there has been a great hype over the album and this has made it appealing to a larger audience.
The album also boasts the fact that pretty much all of the tracklines were recorded in a studio and then used as samples, and in the song "Get Lucky" which is the lead single, there are over 250 track lines and only one of them is a pre-recorded sample. The effort and thought put into the making of this album is admirable from my perspective as a musician.
The album has 13 songs in total and comes with a booklet (in all formats) containing album information, lyrics and artwork based around the robot head.
The album has been released digitally online, on cd and even on vinyl internationally. On www.randomaccessmemories.com there is only a picture of the album with "Available Everywhere" written above it. Due to the fact Daft Punk grew to a globally known status with their last album it was expected that this album would be made accessible to the world. I think the evolution of social and music media online made it very easy for them to create the hype. the album is available to buy from iTunes, amazon, ebay, supermakets and record shops internationally.
“The point where products are made available to customers.”
“How customers are informed about products.”
“How much customers pay for a product.”
“The features and appearance of goods and services.”
1) Give life back to music
2) The game of love
3) Giorgio by Moroder
4) Within
5) Instant crush
6) Lose yourself to dance
7) Touch
8) Get lucky
9) Beyond
10) Motherboard
11) Fragments of time
12) Doin' it right
13) Contact
The album has been very commercially successful globally and has been released in The Americas, Australasia, Europe and Asia. The recommended retail price in the UK is £9.99 for a CD or £8.99 for a digital copy. The album was also released on vinyl for £20.68. (Figures taken were taken on 04/06/2013 from amazon.co.uk and itunes.apple.com/gb. These are the main online distributors and are linked to the albums website.) The album price is fair and competetive with other popular albums at the moment and is a price I think most people would pay for such an anticipated album.

Daft Punk stategically released tantalising snippets of the music, pictures and other promotional materials using the youtube, facebook, tv ads, cinema ads, newspapers, word of mouth, radio, social networking sites, posters in shops and billboards, wetting the audience's appetite with limited interviews, previews and information of the album. They attracted the attention of a wider audience in the worlds of fashion and sport by working with different international companies including coca cola, adidas and lotus.
The hype and the air of mystery built the album's reputation and snowballed it's promotion, as the media and social networking sites spread the buzz like wildfire, even now people are still talking about the album and the use of quirky methods to gain attention such as huge billboards and an album launch in the remote town of Wee Waa, Australia (population – 2100). The success of the previous album meant people were waiting 8 years for 'RAM', and when people are kept waiting they want it more. The marketing team knew it would sell well by quite simply planting seeds (media stunts) and it would promote itself like a domino effect. I personally have seen the robot head from the album cover everywhere, heard the lead single “Get Lucky” played everywhere and seen many reviews and articles. Noticing the existence of the album is unavoidable.
After a week of release the album is already number 1 on many popular album charts globally including the UK Official Charts Company and the USA's Billboard chart. It is the fastest-selling album of 2013 so far.
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