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Computer parts

Computer components-pictures and definitions

Sarah Waling

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Computer parts

Inside the tower motherboard power supply ports CD ROM Drive hard drive http://www.kids-online.net/learn/c_n_l.html fan connectors CPU expansion cards sound card video card RAM memory The power supply supplies the electrical power for a computer. It supplies power to the motherboard, drives, and some expansion cards. The motherboard gets its name because it is like a mother to all of the other circuit boards. The motherboard is the largest circuit board and has many smaller boards plugged into it. It holds all of the most important parts of the computer. The brain of a computer is the CPU or Central Processing Unit. Like a brain, it controls information and tells other parts what to do. The sound card contains special circuits for operating the computer's sound. The video card handles graphics that are displayed on the monitor. The hard drive is hidden inside the computer because the disks are not meant to be removed. Information that you save on your computer is stored on these hard disks.
Sometimes people confuse the hard drive with memory, but the hard drive does not have anything to do with memory. It is for storage only. Ports are the places on the outside of the computer case where you plug in hardware. On the inside of the case, they are connected to expansion cards. The keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer all plug into ports. Hardware the computer uses to read what is on the CDs Most computers usually have at least one fan that helps to cool the power supply and also helps to cool the computer. A connector is the part of a cable that plugs into a port or interface to connect one device to another. The brain of the computer is called the ________. 1. Hard Drive
2. Motherboard
3. CPU
4. Power Supply 1. Hard Drive
2. RAM
3. CPU
4. ROM ____ is the memory that can read, but can't write. Hardware is plugged in here. 1. Port
2. Power supply
3. CPU
4. ROM The ______ holds all circuit boards. 1. Hard Drive
2. Motherboard
3. CPU
4. CD ROM The _______ is used to select items on the screen.
The ______ puts sound into the computer. The brain of the computer is called the ________. 1. Headphone
2. Monitor
3. Web cam
4. Mircophone 1. Printer
2. Laptop
3. Processor
4. Monitor The _____ puts pictures into the computer. 1. Headphones
2. Mouse
3. Processor
4. Monitor 1. Printer
2. Processor
3. Monitor
4. Scanner Computer Parts monitor processor keyboard mouse speakers headphones microphone printer scanner laptop projector web cam The monitor shows you information on a screen, it's what you look at. The processor performs all functions and is the "engine" that goes into motion when you turn your computer on. The keyboard is the device you use to type numbers, letters, and symbols into a computer The mouse is a pointing device you use to select info, what you point and click with The speakers are output devices that you use to hear words, music or sounds The headphones are special speakers that rest on your head and cover your ears so that only you hear sound. The microphone is a device that puts sound into the computer. The printer takes the pictures and words on the monitor and puts them on paper. The scanner takes pictures and papers and puts them into the computer. A laptop is a portable computer. A projector magnifies images onto a screen. A web cam is a camera that is connected to a computer and takes pictures or videos. The monitor shows you information on a screen, it's what you look at
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