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Genetics Project: Design a Species

No description

Glenn Bertolet

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of Genetics Project: Design a Species

t Single Allele Traits Sex Linked Traits Eye Brows: ee No Eye Brows: EE or Ee E e Female tail
X X , X X E e Ee Ee Ee Ee T T T t Female no tail
X X t Male tail
X y Male no tail
X y T t Single Allele Traits Arrow Nose: aa No Arrow: AA Aa Codominant Multiple Alleles Eye color A a A a Aa Aa Aa Aa Curly Hair: H c Straight Hair: H s H s c H H H H c s H H H H H H H c c c c s s s s Questions 1 Blue eyes
gg Brown Eyes
BB, Bg, BY Yellow eyes
Yg, YY Muscimank Aa Aa Aa Aa Ee Ee Ee Ee AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe AaEe In the codominant traits section, what are the odds of having an offspring with curly hair? Answers 1 There is no chance that an offspring will have curly hair. 2 2 If the dominant trait for noses was an arrow nose, what kind of a nose would the offspring have if it was homozygus for arrow nose? The offspring would have an arrow nose. Place the eye color in order of dominance. 3 Brown, Yellow, Blue. 3 4 5 4 5 What is the percent of the offspring not havimg any eyebrows? There is a 0% chance of the offspring not having eyebrows. What are the alleles of the offspring with wavy hair? The alleles are H and H . s c
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