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Coming of Age: Jellicoe Road

No description

Sarah Chughtai

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Coming of Age: Jellicoe Road

On The Jellicoe Road
17 Year old girl named Taylor Markham in Boarding School
starts off being independent, tough and an unemotional girl
Disappointing past ; abandoned
Found by Hannah her present guardian
Now in Grade 11, Leader of the Jellicoe school's team for territory wars against the Townies and the Cadets.
She barely knows about her past, but now she wants to
Reads her guardian's Hannah's manuscript about 5 teens who attended Jellicoe School 20 years ago.
Taylor becomes attached to the characters she thinks are fiction
Hannah disappears, and now Taylor is weak
Jonah Griggs, captain of The Cadets has a romance with Taylor
Jonah helps break Taylor's hard shell and helps her find Hannah
While on the journey, Taylor finds everything she needs to know
Taylor locates her mother whom she hadn't met for 6 years
the reason for Hannah's disappearance was that she was taking care of Taylor's mother
Taylor forgives her mother for abandoning her
Taylor's final hard shell breaks and she opens up her heart to love, friendship, and the past.
The protagonists, Vidya from
Climbing the Stairs
, and Taylor from
Jellicoe Road
, embark on a journey where they are forced to overcome obstacles, which similarly results in them gaining knowledge, love, and experiencing loss.
"I remember love. It's what I have to keep reminding myself. It's funny how you can forget everything except people loving you. Maybe that's why humans find it so hard getting over love affairs. It's not the pain they're getting over, it's the love." - Jellicoe Road
Vidya's Venture
Life starts off great but as she loses her father, she loses her idol, motivation and dreams.
ends up with uncivil relatives
feels caged, mistreated and lonesome
The talk of her marriage freaks her out
No one really was there to protect her except Raman, her new found love
Sad news hits her again when her brother joins the troops leaving her alone
Vidya escaped reality by reading, and gaining knowledge
She tries to fight for her freedom
Raman loves her and supports her, and helps bring back her dreams.
Taylor's Venture
In the start, Taylor was always a reserved girl, she kept her friends far
Never showed affection, sadness, etc
Her obstacle was that all adults in her life abandoned her
Gradually, Jonah Griggs, her past enemy start falling for each other
As she opens her heart to love and friendship, she realizes that not everyone will disappoint her.
She finds out all about her past, and now her life feels at pace.
Knowledge helps Vidya and Taylor on their Journey to find themselves, and endure their obstacles.
Taylor Markham
Taylor's complicated questions become easy answers as she reads the unfinished manuscript written by Hannah, her guardian. And realizes, its an actual story relating her past.
“Hannah's story..My aunt’s story. How strange it is to use those words for the first time. I have an aunt and I don’t even know where she is. But I do know that I yearn for her in a way I never thought possible, and that she’s somehow written the story of my family’s life.” (264 Marchetta)
Vidya Venkat
Vidya would find solace through books in hard times.
"Books would help me escape the boundaries of the house, in my mind at least." (91 venkatraman)
The protagonists both experienced loss, which in a way made them stronger, and independent. Loss was the biggest element of their journey, the reason why they ended up in seas of obstacles.
Taylor Markham
Vidya Venkat
Vidya's whole future was at stake as she lost her father. But through his fatality, she started to build up hope which led her through her journey.
"She could tell, when Appa finally returned, walking but not talking, with the same old body but with no mind in it anymore, that it no longer really was Appa." (55 Venkatraman)
Taylor's mother abandoning her was the main reason Taylor was hard-shelled. But also when Hannah disappeared, Taylor set out to find her, in the end finding herself.
"My mother was the first and these days I feel like Hannah might have joined that small intimate group of traitors." (54 Marchetta)
Vidya and Taylor found love in a hopeless place. Their partners helped them get through their obstacles, protected them, and loved them when they thought they were worthless.
Taylor Markham
Vidya Venkat
Taylor was determined not to let anyone get close to her, but Jonah Griggs worked his magic, and in the end, became someone she really needed.
The idea of marriage would petrify Vidya, but after Raman came, her thoughts on it changed. He treated Vidya as an equal, and supported her on her dreams. He even asked his hand for her marriage. He loved her, and his love got her through hardships.
"Somewhere along the way, Jonah Griggs has become a priority in my life." (245 Marchetta)
Both became wiser through the help of the three components in their journey.
Knowledge , Loss and Love
Both grew as people, and learned how to deal with problems.
Both gained life lessons that they can carry with themselves and share to anyone.
Without the obstacles, both of their lives would be hollow and they wouldn't be tough to endure.
After going through the worst, they became better girls.
1. Hannah's Manuscript
2. Thatha's Library
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