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Marco Polo Timeline

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m s06016

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Marco Polo Timeline

Marco Polo Timeline
Marco Polo was born September 15,1254 in Venice,Italy. He was born a merchant. Marco's parents were Nicole and Niccolo.
Early Life
The year Marco Polo left Europe was 1271. Marco Polo left to go to China to meet Kublai Khan the ruler of China with his father and uncle.
Set Sail
The Journey
Marco served in Khan's court and was sent on many missions to China, Burma and India. He was made an official of the Privy Council in 1277 and was a tax inspector for 3 years.
Time With Khan
In this timeline you will find lots of interesting things based on Marco Polo.
By Miller Haberfield
They traveled over land to Cathay and continued east and across the Gobi desert. They arrived at Kublai Khan's summer home in 1275.
Coming Home
Marco stayed in Khan's court for 17 years and had great wealth in gold and jewels. On his way home he took a Mongol princess to Kokachin to marry a Persian prince. The sea journey home took 2 years.
Back To Venice
3 years after Marco returned to Venice he was in charge of a ship in the war against Genoa. He was captured and spent a year in prison. Marco told his story to another prisoner who wrote a book of Marco Polo.
Marriage and Death
In 1299 Marco was released from prison and married Donata Badoer. They had 3 daughters. Marco remained in Venice until he died in 1324, aged 70
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