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Win-win or No Deal

How to Achieve Win-win using Eli Goldratt's "Evaporating Clouds Method"

Joseph Pangilinan

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Win-win or No Deal

Double click anywhere & add an idea WIn-win
or no deal! How to develop
Win-Win Situations
in Conflict? Joseph N. Pangilinan,
Business Communications
De La Salle University,
Manila, Philippines
Stephen Covey, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" “Seek first to understand. Then be understood.” Preview
What is Conflict?
Why Resolve Conflict?
What is the Root Cause of Conflict?
How to Resolve Conflict?
What is
Conflict? a state of disagreement between two parties in a team or relationship.
Avoids devastating consequences;
Enhances communication & teamwork;
Improves project viability; and
Empowers teams to achieve goals. Why Resolve Conflict? Why
do we
Conflict? Fear of confrontation, rejection, or failure;
Lack of political will;
Resentment, Loss of Trust;
Pride or Prejudice; or
Lack of Skill in conflict resolution. What Causes Conflict? The Root Cause of most conflict is "Win-lose"! Anatomy of Conflict:
Perception of unfairness or "win-lose."
Flight. Avoidance. Jumping to conclusions.
Fight. Hurtful words.
Pride and prejudice.
Resentment, bitterness, and distrust.
Protracted conflict.
"Irreconcilable differences."
What is "Win-Lose"?
A stop-gap arrangement
disguised as a solution or compromise.
Both parties appear to "agree," but
actually only One party is "winning"
while the other is "losing." If WIN-LOSE is the root cause of most conflict, then how do we "REsolve" CONFLICT?
"Win-win or no Deal!" To resolve conflict permanently, convert "win-lose" into "win-win."
But how? seek to understand:
Conflicting Parties,
Stated Demands,
Legitimate Needs, and
Common Goals.
"Unless a deal is win-win, it is not sustainable!" What is "Win-win"?
Both sides are genuinely happy with the new deal.
Legitimate needs of all parties are adequately addressed. In Summary:
Unresolved Conflict = Severe Consequences.
The Root of Unresolved Conflict = "Win-Lose."
To resolve the Conflict, dissolve "Win-Lose."
Bring the situation from "Win-Lose" to "Win-Win."
Seek first to understand, then be understood.
unless a deal is win-win, it is not sustainable. Left unresolved, some conflicts lead to devastating consequences!
Win-Lose situation = when at least one side perceives the arrangement to be UNFAIR.
2 Questions to Generate "Win-win" alternatives:
what are the legitimate needs of both parties?
In what other ways can we satisfy these needs, besides giving what both demand?
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