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Red Shouldered Hawk

No description

Claudia Paz

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Red Shouldered Hawk

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Claudia Paz & Tammy Smith Red Shouldered Hawk Scientific Name Buteo Lineatus Habitat Mature mixed Woodlands near open water
Rivers are the favored habitat
high adaptability to human-altered habitats
Resides in the eastern half of the United States &Western California Role in Ecosystem Important in forest ecosystem
Carnivore that eats land vertebrates
Compete's with other large birds (Golden Eagle)
Provides food for predetors (raccoon)
Host's at least one blood parasite & several external parasites Population Size & Habitat in IOWA Red shouldered Hawks can be found at the Odessa Wildlife Management area which is located in southeast Iowa by Mississippi. ???WHY??? Red Shouldered Hawk eggs usually don't make it because they get eaten by thier predetors. Being Raccons and great horned owl
50%-80% of the babies die within the first year
In the year 1991 only 36 pairs of Red Shouldered Hawk were reported. Save the Red Shouldered Hawk American Eagle Foundation
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey An Endangered Species http://www.birdinginformation.com/wp-content/gallery/red-shouldered-hawk/red-shouldered-hawk-11a.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/__qI0rijyKkw/S8YQe-fqAHI/AAAAAAAAABY/O95FUDjX9_k/s1600/BR19+%233.jpg http://nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/birds/falconiformes/Buteo%20lineatus/Red-shouldered%20Hawk,%20flying%20(Duck%20Ponds,%20Jan.)b.jpg http://nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/birds/falconiformes/Buteo%20lineatus/Red-shouldered%20Hawk,%20flying%20(Duck%20Ponds,%20Jan.)b.jpg /nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/birds/falconiformes/Buteo%20lineatus/Red-shouldered%20Hawk,%20flying%20(Duck%20Ponds,%20Jan.)b.jpg http://sdakotabirds.com/species/maps/red_shouldered_hawk_map_small.jpg http://nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/birds/falconiformes/Buteo%20lineatus/Red-shouldered%20Hawk,%20flying%20(Duck%20Ponds,%20Jan.)b.jpg http://www.conservewildlifenj.org/species/spotlight/redshouldered/ http://cdn2.arkive.org/media/B6/B6EA4496-4B98-4AB3-A522-A467C9DD104E/Presentation.Large/Red-shouldered-hawk-in-flight-dorsal-view.jpg http://gallery.photo.net/photo/4256673-md.jpg http://www.freeflightwildlife.org/images/red-shouldered_hawk.jpg http://steelhead.aecom.yu.edu/Florida2005/images/Red-shouldered%20hawk.jpg http://www.ncwildlife.org/Portals/0/Learning/documents/Profiles/redshouldered91411.pdf
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