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SBG Explanation

No description

Bowman Dickson

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of SBG Explanation

I am bringing together and connecting the various topics of the class.
I am converting short term knowledge into long term knowledge. I am keeping up with the pace of class.
I am understanding things well the first time around. I am doing my part in the learning by practicing on my own. I understand, right now, the various topics.
I have been trying to learn things that I may not have learned perfectly the first time. I will retain my understanding of the big ideas Calculus after I leave the class.
I have been a solid learner over the course of the whole semester. What do you do when you get a quiz back? But what are quizzes for? What are grades for? So, then what do I want you to do? Quiz assessing standards If you get a 4 on a standard... If you get a 3.5 or less on a standard... Figure out your mistake and fix your understanding Reassessment Next quiz assessing different standards Reassessment Cycle STANDARDS BASED
GRADING ONE AND DONE. CAN ALWAYS CHANGE. Reassessment Process Learning Standards Tests 1. Check Your Progress 2. Study Necessary Standards 3. Request a Reassessment Final Exam Quizzes Homework So it doesn't matter how I do on my quizzes? I can always take retests? I can do nothing all term and then just do it all at the end!?!?!? Grades given based on learning objectives. These grades can change if your understanding changes. Lets have a look in my gradebook. Standards
40% Homework
5% Tests
25% Quizzes
10% Final Exam
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