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Wire Art and Alexander Calder

No description

Jennifer Brinkley

on 21 October 2017

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Transcript of Wire Art and Alexander Calder

Teacher modeled planning their work of art by focusing on the subject of their piece and the elements and principle they would include.
Teacher Reflection
My students were able to understand and identify the Elements and Principles of art easily. They enjoyed learning about Alexander Calder and experiencing his circus. I would definitely want to focus more on one type of his art rather than expose them to all his art forms. The students who chose to create a portrait struggled to complete their work and add details from their original plan. There were also two students that did not stick to the directions and they chose to use their own ideas. Sade created a flower and Eduardo created a working bow and arrow. Although I do think they were two of the best works. The students that created mobiles did great. I thought that would be more difficult, but they were able to balance items and came up with great ideas. Tahmar created a lovely sparkly mobile and Sarah added some great shapes.
Student Presentations
Students presented their artwork to the class and described how Alexander Calder and the elements/principles of art drove their decisions.
Students experienced Alexander Calder through a teacher created PowerPoint presentation and video depicting his circus. Students were very excited by his work. They loved the Circus!
Design Phase
Students used their plan to design their piece of art. Students used various materials; including wire, pipe cleaners, beads, and construction paper.
Wire Art and Alexander Calder
Next Step
Teacher and students reviewed the Elements and Principles of art through a teacher created PowerPoint. Students were able to easily apply this concept from their work in the art classroom.
Student Work
Student Comments
"I was really influenced by Alexander Calder's mobiles, so I wanted to make one like his." - Kylee
Student Work
"When we were watching the circus, I thought that the guy throwing the knives at the girl was funny. I tried to make his girl" - Diana
"I have this toy at home and I wanted to make my own toys too." - Esteban
"I like owls and Alexander liked animals too." - Araceli
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