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The Algonquin People

This is going to be my prezi on my clan of the Aboriginal People of Canada.

Gursidaq Bajwa

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Algonquin People

The Algonquin People Homes The Algonquin people lied in Tipi's which were made from bark from wood. The plains people and farmers also lived in Tipi's. A Tipi's was built by using trees and put them in a circular shape near the ground and then joined them at the top. The outside was covered with animal Hyde and usually painted by the owner to tell a story about the owner. Women were responsible for moving the Tipi's when it was time to which was usually during the winter. Women also had to assemble them when they reached the destination to settle for a while. The Tipi's were waterproof and were good for both summer and winter. They were 4-6 meters wide and 7-8 meters tall. Food The Algonquin people planted crops such as corn,barley,squash and pumpkins. They also made tools to hoe soil. The Algonquin women spent their time plating crops in the summer and harvesting crops in the fall. They also grew tobacco but tobacco was only used during very special parties or important get together. Corn was a very important crops to the Algonquin people because they knew how to harvest it and they were really good at it. They ate corn for almost every meal everyday. They also hunted meat with weapons for bigger animals and snares and traps for smaller ones. That is basically what the Algonquin people ate. Clothing The Algonquin People used skin from animals to make their clothing. During the hot Summer months they wore Dear cloth and during the colder months they would wear
Cloaks. In the winter they also wore Mocassins. During
special parties or get together they would wear special clothing which would be decorated with beads on them. That is some information about how the Algonquin people dressed. Region The Algonquin people lived in Southeastern Quebec and Eastern Ontario. The region affected them because the wildlife and the hunting would be alot different and the crops wouldn't be able to harvest or grow. The animal life there was really low because the Algonquin people hunted alot which caused the animals to have a lower population. Weapons The Algonquin people were very skilled hunters. They carried a variety of weapons which they made out of wood. They did fishing in the summer. Some of the animals they hunted were Raccoon, Bear and Squirrel. The most important animal to the Algonquin people was the White Tailed Dear. That is what and how the Algonquin people hunted their food. Interesting
Facts Some interesting facts I came along while I was doing this project are that they transported in canoes and had very strong cultural beliefs. The women wore long dresses and the men wore Breech clothes and leggings. Those are some interesting facts I came along during this project. Religion The Algonquin people believed that there was a spiritual world as in after you died you still lived. The Shamons were the most important leaders to the Algonquin people. They also had very strong cultural beliefs. Ceremonies The Algonquin people had feasts to celebrate special days. They celebrated the changing of the seasons and the life stages which were Birth, Puberty and Death. They also wore colors which represented Red as in Life, Black as in Death and Purple as in Royalty. That is my Prezi on the Algonquin peoples tribe.
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