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Employer Brand

How the project is coming to life!

Marcela Falasca

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Employer Brand

Team´s amazing journey DIAGEO LAC Employer Brand Why are we so passionate about
working for Diageo LAC ? * Our people
* Our values - Proud of what we do
* Sustainability Agenda
* Career progression
* Brand Legacy
* GPTW Ranking
* We have fun while we work To answer this question ...
The "Diageo's Employer Brand" Team came to life... *Build a compelling story that truly represents Diageo; have one voice

*Create a strong, distinctive and attractive identity that defines the Diageo LAC Employer Brand.

*Be recognized as Diageo (not only the brands) Objective Business Impact of having a LAC Employer Brand Arlene Amitirigala (Internal Comms WestLAC)
Marcela Falasca (CR South WestLAC)
Cecilia Haro (HR LAC)
Jimmy Hernandez (Consumer Insights LAC)
Luisa Macias (Marketing Reserve Venezuela)
Claire Macintyre (HR LAC) Brand
Character LAC Employer Brand Brand
Character Believe in the power of empowered people
Believe in Celebrating life
Love what we do
Committed to having a positive impact on the communities we live in
Proud yet never satisfied, never still Great Place to Work TOP (5 in LAC)
25,000 strong global blue chip corporation
Iconic, globally recognized brand portfolio
LAC is the growth engine People want to partner organizations that flex to their talents and passions BRAND
Roots Consumer
To make the journey as exciting and extraordinary as the destination Brand Purpose Bringing the project to life Internal Communication Strategy Brand World Who we Are in Diageo LAC Become THE most celebrated business

* Attraction: People recognize Diageo LAC as an employer of choice

Recruit and engage the right people and Win the talent war in the constantly changing landscape of developing markets.

* Retention: Our people perceive Diageo to be the right place to build a life career


Launch our brand internally and externally Who I am and what I
stand for

Values and Personality Brand
Character What I am and where
I come from.

Drawn from heritage,
Provenance, RTB, etc Brand
Roots What motivates our consumers Consumer
Insight BRAND
PURPOSE * Selecting Communications Channels Using the right mix Launch Event
Feedback Mass communication, usually via print or technology Smaller groups,
personal communication,
face to face Informal Formal Commitment Acceptance Understanding Awareness Inform Clarify Engage Involve Presentations
Feedback & Suggestions
Onboarding Newsletters
Our Passion
Notice boards
Mass emails
Posters External Communication Strategy Why Build an employer Brand? Differentiation
Builds reputation
Gain visibility
Employee Engagement
Amazing talents Who are the most recognized companies
in doing this in LAC? Unilever
Nestlé Sample DIAGEO LAC LinkedIn Page Make the journey as extraordinary as the destination

Diageo attracts & Retains the best people because it is perceived as the best place to build a career while celebrating life.

To create a strong and authentic perception of Diageo and how it can contribute to their career and life Communication Strategy Vision

Mission Using the new
Brand Wheel 2012 DIAGEO LAC
PURPOSE Overall Active Differentiation & Information Visibility, Awareness & Buzz Early Careers Perception &
Understanding Passive Proactively engaging ATL Digital PR Plan Social
Network Linkedin Local Website Social Media Publications University Events Key Industry
Discipline Digital
Profile Sites,
Publications Diageo LAC Reputation (external) Next Steps Leadership alignment on:

Implementation of Comms strategy
Budget & Timelines Employee Referral Is a prestigious and inspiring company to work for
Treats employees with respect and courtesy across all levels of the organization
Managers create an environment where all team members are respected
Has exciting brands, strong values and inspirational leaders
Small company
Doesn’t do a very good job in offering strong career path 75% of survey respondants don’t know Diageo LAC
The other 25% think that Diageo LAC: Unilever’s brand promise: “Create a better future every day”  The P&G promise: A new challenge every day’
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