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What's up in programming world of Java et al

Presentation about the future of programming (from the view of a Java developer)

Timothy Yip

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of What's up in programming world of Java et al

"What's up in the programming world of Java et al" Briefly - What is Java?
Programming language! Java Platform! Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Cross platform compatibility Sits on top of OS layer Compiles codes Manages memory JVM Code is open Source Java Parliament - Executive Committee JCP Procedure Initiation
Early Draft Review
Public Draft
Java Specification Requests (JSRs) What's wrong with Java?
JSR doesn't work together! Too much code! Compiling takes too long Java for the web! J2EE server Everything you'll need for the web Scalability Compiler makes it easy to refactor code Plug new frameworks in, anytime Clustering/Data grid support Thread pooling MVC JSF JSP/Servlets Sping MVC Business Layer EJB
Spring platform RMI/Cobra/Jini ORM Spring JDBC Hibernate Ibatis JSR can't keep up with trends Lets fix it with scripts Rhino Engine Run Javascript in JVM JRuby Lets steal Ruby on Rails Success
Part 1 Why is scripting language good? No need to compile Faster turnaround - F5 to see changes Dynamic Typing Less code to do int to String Why ROR? Ruby, a beautiful language Easier to learn Lower Cost Less experience needed to achieve same level of result compared to PHP Simple infrastructure setup - like php, Apache + mod A great deal easier Rails = All you need for web stuff Less to learn Moron Framework? Used by inexperienced = less vision = not very scalable less choices of framework = less flexibility Not as mature Caucho Quercus PHP on JVM Groovy on Grails Lets steal Ruby on Rails Success
Part 2 Groovy = Java + Ruby language love child Grails = Rails framework ported to jvm Open Railo ColdFusion Language on steroids ColdFusion Markup Language
(CFML) Its based on It's Open Source Not Adobe CF Yet another web framework On the JVM But it covers backend stuff! Easy to install = cheap to run A bit like wordpress Need Java Server - not J2EE server
Tomcat/Resin = smaller footprint Upload, deploy, set password
(like wordpress) One Railo instance
manage many Railo websites Handles datasources - less messing about
moving about environments Moron use Ruby or Ruby makes Moron? Easy to use... ORLY? Send a mail LDAP interaction Lucene?! Theres a tag for it A blog plugin? Yes a blog plugin Multimedia? There's a tag for that! Convert video? Whats that phrase? There's... <cfvideo action="convert" source="/source.mp4" destination="target.flv" width="640" videobitrate="1500kb" audiobitrate="41000" fps="25" execution="quality"> The web service in one minute challenge OO is dying OO = one job per thread If task is too slow, start new thread
digging own grave Thread pooling gives false sensation thread haven
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