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Balancing Equations

Connecting chemical equations and their balancing to simply math functions.

tanner hayes

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Balancing Equations

Chemical Reactions
& Equations Chemistry Chemical Reaction- a process that leads to the transformation
of one set of chemicals to another Types of Chemical Reactions Examples Synthesis Decomposition Single Replacement Double Replacement Combustion A + B AB AB A + B A + BX AX + B AB + CD AD + CB A + O 2 AO Or!!! A + O 2 CO + H O 2 2 Chemical
Reactions Diatomic Ions- molecules composed of 2 atoms of the same element (note: diatomic elements cannot be isolated into 1 atom) Reactants- the starting substances in a chemical reaction Prodcuts- the substances yielded from a chemical reaction 2H + O 2H O 2 2 2 Reactants Products Hydrogen (H )
Nitrogen (N )
Oxygen (O )
Fluorine (F ) Chlorine (Cl )
Bromine (Br )
Iodine (I ) Diatomic Elements 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Cations- a positively charged ion Anions- a negatively charged ion Octet Rule- atoms tend to lose or gain electrons to have eight electrons on their outermost shell. Some Common Ions By: Tanner Hayes
Algebra 2 Period 8 Decomposition
Special Cases Metal Chlorates = oxygen + metal chloride 3 Metal Carbonates = carbon dioxide + metal oxide Acids= water + nonmetal oxide Metal hydroxides= water + metal oxide The End
By: Tanner Hayes
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