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Swiss Family Robinson in Minecraft

No description

Ayrelea Nimchuk

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Swiss Family Robinson in Minecraft

Crash!! The ship was cast upon the mercy of the rocks. I like this part because it really catches your attention. Another part I like is how the father handles the situation, he prays to God and shows his children they have nothing to fear. Shipwrecked A House At
Last When they woke up they started to
gather supplies... This is where they
get many of their essential supplies.
I realized in this part that the father
wants to bring only the essentials,
and we need only
the essentials,
Jesus Christ. Getting to the Island The Adventure Come Fritz we will go for an adventure, in case
we find other castaways.
I like this part because you start to get a feel of
the island, you get to learn what they are living in. It also shows the kindness of the father, taking precious time to go look if any other people were around the Island. Making The Bridge So Jack what do you
think of the bridge? It
was really cool how they
made a bridge. Just to
cross to their
home. Swiss Family Robinson in
Minecraft By Zion and
Ayrelea Nimchuk "Ernest! Get me a chunk of wood please". I really liked the spiral stairs in the house, it was really cool! I would really like it if I could live in a tree house. I was really happy that they believed in God. The End
Doggy 1-------Turk
Doggy 2-------Flora
Chicken 1-------Chicken
Chicken 2-------Chicken
Thanks too:
The disasterCrafter for his seed
Proof readers.
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