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Intensive and Extensive Properties

No description

Mary Cleveland

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Intensive and Extensive Properties

What makes Coke different from Diet Coke?
Apply it to real life:
Intensive and Extensive Properties
Lesson Objective
Students will identify intensive and extensive properties
Physical Properties
Physical properties can be broken down into extensive AND Intensive properties.
Extensive Properties
Definition: Change when the size of a sample of matter changes
Intensive Properties
Properties that do not change with the sample size

It is useful in identifying a substance
1) What is the difference between a chemical and physical property?

2) Are leaves changing color a chemical or physical change?

3) If diamond cuts glass is it a physical or chemical change?

4) If a diamond melts is it a physical or chemical change?

Intensive and Extensive properties are covered on the semester exam and are vital in understanding the difference between chemical and physical properties
Cornell Notes
-Students will silently complete their notes independently
-Students will fill in the answers and examples
What are three characteristics of physical properties?
Checks for Understanding
This includes volume, mass, and length
This includes color, density, viscosity, temperature, solubility, and states of matter
Intensive vs. Extensive
Will this property change if I had more or less of the sample?
Extensive vs. Intensive Lab
-With your lab table you will complete the lab
-Participation will be docked for lab groups off task
-What is not finished in class will be for homework and due tomorrow
What makes Coke different from Diet Coke?
Apply it to real life:
Less sugar
More sugar
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