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School Uniform Debate: Cons

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Alyaa El-Guindy

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of School Uniform Debate: Cons

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School uniforms create extra expenses for the parents because the students still have to own regular clothes to wear on weekends and breaks. A 2012 report showed that the average cost for a year round of uniforms cost around $300 in a New Jersey school, which is close to the U.S. Department of Education estimate of an annual cost for school uniforms of about $249. If school uniforms became enforced, your parents would have to pay more money instead of just buying clothes for school and normal occasion clothes. For low income families, school uniforms can become a financial burden.
Effect on Students' Academics
School uniforms negatively affect students' academics in several ways. When the seasons change and winter becomes summer, the students level of comfort in their uniforms turns into a problem that causes them to become distracted and unfocused while working. Most school uniforms are made with an irritating material, and allowing students to pick their own clothes lets them feel more comfortable and concentrate on their work. In a study published in "The Journal of Educational Research" by Drs. Brunsma and Rockquemore, it shows that some schools with a school uniform policy had dropping test scores than schools that allowed students to choose their own clothes.

Opening Statement
School uniforms should not be enforced because it limits students' freedom of expression, creates more expenses for the parents, and it has a negative effect on students' academics. Can you imagine waking up in the morning, having stayed up all night planning the perfect outfit and then, wait! You have a uniform that you have to wear every single day of the week. You go to school and see everyone with the exact same outfit as you. Would you want that?
School uniforms limit students' freedom of expression in many ways. Children and teens use their style of dress as a way of expressing themselves. For example, their are many girls that do not like to wear skirts and dresses, which most school uniforms require. It stifles their diversity by giving them an appearance that goes against their style of dress. School uniforms cause students to lose their self identity when their right to express themselves through fashion is taken away.
Freedom of Expression
School Uniform Debate: Cons
By: Alyaa El-Guindy & Olivia Futch

Conclusion Statement
In conclusion, school uniforms create more issues in terms of the financial burden, the restriction on students' freedom of expression, and lack of comfort. All these problems support the point of view that schools should not make students wear uniforms. To encourage students to express themselves freely, avoid troubling parents with extra costs, and allow students to go to school relaxed and at ease, schools should enable students to make their own dressing decisions. It would make for a better environment for the students and parents.
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