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UBP v 6.0

No description

Kedar Palsule

on 30 December 2013

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Transcript of UBP v 6.0

Uday Balwant Palsule
Here is to making more memories....
Finally a daughter !
Lungi Dance
UBP v 6.0
"Thrust thy Spear"
UBP v 5.0
To Sea or not to see...
UBP v 4.0
"Oops...and Oops again !" (twins, and then Sarang instead of Sarangi)
UBP v 3.0
"The BETTER half: Enter stage right"
UBP v 1.0
UBP v2.0
1963 - 1973
Of Ships and sailors
Mandar Palsule
Kedar Palsule
Sarang Palsule
Ravi "kaka" Palsule, Medha kaku & Family
Vishwas & Neelima Lokare & Family
Suresh "Anna kaka" & Ujjwala Champhekar & Family
Kishori Apte
Usha Apte
Dr. Arvind Phadke
"Arvind mama"
Gautam & Arnaz Dembla
Shreesh & Sandhya Kathawate
Harshavardhan & Shubhada "Mavshi" Sahasrabuddhe & Family
Kiran, Binita Apte & Family
Shivram & Rujuta Apte
Prakash & Padma Joshirao & Family
Dilip & Vidya Lele & Family
Thank you !!
Some Memories....
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