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Diana Guardado

on 16 December 2015

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Presented by:
Paula Kwok
Ellen Kelly Daley
Career Services Center

Job Search and LinkedIn
Applying for Jobs
15-30 seconds
snapshot of education, skills, experience, and strengths
What if you have no work experience?
-Academic coursework, volunteer experience and activity involvement
Most undergraduates – stick to 1-page
Work on your marketing tools
Cover letter
Elevator Pitch

Ice Breaker

– First Impressions
Resume and Cover Letter
If students can’t get their message across quickly, they aren’t going to get it across at all.
- Fast Company, “The Rules of Business”
Conduct self-assessment
-Consider your interests, skills, and values, and personality
-Talk with CSC counselor and/or take career exploration assessment(s)
Investigate various fields by reading occupational info and talking with people in the fields
Develop Goal / Objective
Informational Interviewing - Purpose
Gain “Insider” advantage and perspective
Gather information about what the opportunities are in a given industry or field
Find out more about jobs and career paths you did not know existed
Expand your network
-Make an impression
-Find mentors
asking this person for a job
Informational Interviewing - Guidelines
Research the company
Take the lead and ask thoughtful questions
Take notes
At the end, ask for recommended contacts
Write a thank you note and personalize
-Leave door open for future contact
-Again, make an impression!
Informational Interviewing – Potential Questions
What are the most interesting/challenging aspects of your job?

What previous jobs led you to this one?

What are the future prospects for this field?

How did your undergraduate work prepare you for this career?

Additional questions can be found on our
“Informational Interviews”
Resource on CSC’s website
Where do you look?
-Career Events such as Career Fairs, Resume Collect, On-Campus Interviews
-Internship Exchange
Employment agencies/recruiters
Cover Letter
Always send a cover letter along with your resume
No more than one page
Shows how your background is ideal
Expands on relevant accomplishments listed on resume
Demonstrates you have done your homework
Target your message
Avoid using Word templates
Use CSC’s
Job & Internship Resource
Guide to create 1st drafts
Receive feedback from a counselor during drop-in sessions
Resume and Cover Letter Workshops
Job Interviewing
Elevator Pitch
Quick, effective communication tool that could be delivered to a potential employer on a trip up an elevator ~ 30 second pitch
Prepare by researching company & position
Dress professionally
Communicate your enthusiasm about the job – have questions ready for interviewer
Bring paper, pen, & extra copies of resume
Be friendly - “People hire people they like.”
Job Interviewing
Use “PAR” to answer questions:
-Problem / Action / Results

Be specific & support your claim!!
-e.g. “One of my strengths is my ability to adapt easily and effectively to changing situations. When I worked as the Assistant Production Manager for a major retailer, I encountered many instances in which I had to make quick decisions. For example…(give P-A-R).”

Researching Companies
Gleeson Library – Hard Copy and Online
Visit company websites
-Google, Yahoo
Visit research websites
-Join Groups (Dons Helping Dons)
-Follow Company
-Network with current and former employees
Need More Information?
Career Services Center, UC 5th Floor
Visit our website!
Handouts and other resources on
-Cover letters
-Researching occupations & employers
-Informational interviews
-Job interview & salary negotiation
-Evaluating job opportunities
-And more!

• Ball Toss – What you learned?

• Please take time to complete evaluation

• THANK YOU for your time this evening.
Wrap Up & Evaluation
Why Use LinkedIn?
It’s Free!
Access to 200 million users
– 2 new users every second!
Expose hidden networking connections & Groups
– Participate in Group Discussions
A complimentary resume and Market Yourself
Identify Skills, get them indorsed
Solicit Recommendations knowing that you would be willing to reciprocate
Be discovered by those 12,000 employers who use LinkedIn
5 Questions
7 Steps to Jumpstart Your LinkedIn Profile
A Recruiter’s’ Advice to College Students:
LinkedIn and Networking
LinkedIn and Networking
What is a LinkedIn Profile?
in the online community of LinkedIn
It’s your personal
professional web page
It’s your
“amped up” online
It’s the way to
with millions of other professionals and potential employers
Common Objections We Hear
LinkedIn Network Statistics
Users now top 200,000,000+
job do you want?

uld hire you for that?

3. What
you want to send to potential employers?

you be found by employers looking for you?

What if
you w
anted to work in another location?
1. Create your free account
2. Post your picture
-Professional to fit your ideal job
3. Create a compelling headline
4. List your past experience
-Relevant courses
5. List your education
-What did you learn?
-Identify Skills and get them endorsed
6. Write a summary
7. Get 3-5 recommendations
Create a Compelling Headline
Write a Summary
The next step in cover letters
Tell your story
It’s OK to talk about yourself
Allow yourself to be “found”
-Recruiters all over the world maybe looking for YOU
Don’t be shy
This is your chance to market yourself and brag legitimately!
Put yourself out into the network and interesting groups
Clean up your Facebook Page
Develop a strong LinkedIn Profile Summary
-Work Experience
Include Internships & Volunteer work
Honors, Awards & Interest
Promote yourself
Do not be afraid to be BOLD
Check out your families’ and friends LinkedIn Profiles and connect with them
Remember: Alums like to hire
I don’t have time for flashy tools
I don’t want my information out there
-“I don’t want my professors to “friend me”
I don’t see the value
-“I don’t have any real work experience”
-“I don’t have a job yet”
-“I am still in School”
I don’t need another time-suck in my life
-“I already have a Facebook Page”
I don’t know where to start
-“I really don’t know how :(
Well-prepared answer to the question: “Tell me a little bit about yourself”
-Who you are
-What you do
-Why you are the best, most unique, or talented
-What contributions are you looking to make
Elevator Pitch
Job Interviewing
by doing a videotaped mock interview through CSC or having a friend ask you sample questions
Job Interviewing
Know 3 of the traits, skills, and characteristics that make you an excellent candidate for this job
10-15 examples

Ask about next steps before you leave
Follow up with a prompt thank you note
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