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Student Success Skills

No description

Shannon Toomey

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Student Success Skills

illustrations by
Mat Moore Student
Agreements Find a partner! Purpose of
Group 5 Keys
Imagine poster 5 Keys 1. Setting goals and making
plans to help us
reach our goals
(academic, social,
self-management) 2. Building on our
strengths, practicing new
skills, and getting good
coaching feedback. 3. Sharing successes
and improvements,
even if small (Kaizen)
and being encouraging to ourselves and others. 4. Getting better at brainstorming how to solve problems/blocks that keep us from our goals. 5. Stretching and challenging ourselves to reach higher/further and working on our balance so we will have the energy and positive attitudes/feelings to keep us motivated and going forward. When others are talking I will listen
with my eyes, ears,
and heart. I will respect the opinions of others even if I disagree. If I forget and give a put-down then I agree to say two "put-ups" (appreciations) to the person. What I say in here belongs to me and I can share it with anyone I want. What others say belongs to them and I agree to not share it with anyone else outside the group. Everyone has the right to pass on any group activity. What are some examples of positive statements? Keep
Tunes Seven Keys Goal and Action Coming up next week... Notice when negative thoughts come up Start playing your tune! Decide what to do next What are some examples of a Keep Kool Tune? Kaizen Week 2 Keep Kool Tunes
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