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The Senior Agent plan

No description

hadir eladl

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Senior Agent plan

1.Motivation :
Practice clear communication.
Include agents in the problem solving.
Provide recognition.
Assign tasks.

Analyze agent performance.
Follow up & coaching.
The Improvement Plan
Senior Agent Plan
Helping my team members to invest in their hard work and experience to build a strong team and qualified agents to fit in the higher managerial positions .
Value Added
1.Communication :
Between the team and other departments.
Between the upper mangment and the team.
2.Recognition .
Existing Process Needs Change
Communication needs to be improved to make the job easier for everyone and to be all on the same page of what is the company's goals and making them achievable .
Why ?
Good positive attitude .
Good product knowledge and understanding Centro's policies and procedures.
Wide experience about working in a call center also about being a team leader.
The ability to treat different type of personalities and good Persuasion skills.
Why Should Be Chosen For The Position
Goal planner and having a good vision.
Decision maker and can apply the decisions taken.
Can work under stress.
Excellent leadership skills.
Works as a good communication channel between agents and upper management.
Fast learner .
Good team player.
Basic Leadership Skills

As CENTRO proved a strong echo in sales call center's wide . more sales and marketing training materials should be upgraded every now and then to keep our agents as professional as they should be to keep the company's name as concrete as it should be .
Suggestions To Improve Centro
My vision for Centro is to have a great team that will be always in competition with other teams and will help in Centro's growth .
As since the start of using the QMS in the company everything started to improve .
When we add science to experience and hard work , we will always get what we are looking for .
My Vision For Centro
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