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Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

4° Medio

Felipe Rodriguez

on 10 August 2011

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Transcript of Present Perfect vs. Past Simple

Past Simple Tense we use the when we talk about an action that started and ended at a particular time in the past Present Perfect Tense when do we use it? how do we use it? We have waited . 20 minutes for the bus. When we talk about an experience from the past. (it doesn't matter "when" you did it, but if you did it or not ) Gary Medel has played in Argentina. I have seen The Dark Knight. I have never eaten caviar when we talk about a change or new information. The police have arrested the killers. I have bought a car. John has broken his leg. when we talk about a continuing situation. (something that started in the past and continues in the present) for since I have worked here since June. He has been ill for 2 days. for 20 minutes. since 1945. I have studied history for three years. Subject auxiliary verb in the past participle object adverb of time
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