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Calcium Chloride Synthesis

No description

Chelsea Olivas

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Calcium Chloride Synthesis

Unknown #58 Chelsea Olivas Physical Charactieristics Odorless
white, powdery substance
Soluble in 3mL D.I. water
pH=5 Flame Test for Cation Bright orange/red ...Ca2+ Anion Test Positive results for Chloride test ...Cl- Calcium Chloride! What's the big deal? Time to Synthesize 2HCl + Ca(OH) 2H O + CaCl (aq) 2 (s) 2 (l) 2 (aq) Acid-Base Reaction Transfer of H+
Moving protons from acid to base Part I measured out .67 g solid Calcium Hydroxide mixed with 17mL 1M HCl at first, but then added 5mL too acidic... added .20g Calcium Hydroxide That's better! Part II heated mixture on hot plate until all water evaporated Voila!! Physical Characteristics odorless
white, powder
soluble in 3mL D.I. water pH = 8 Flame Test Tested positive for Ca2+ Chloride Cation Test Tested
Positive Challenges/Problems Solubility/Acidity Issue
105% yield (contamination?) Popular food additive
boosts nutritional value
firming agent
Drying agent
Correcting calcium hardness (1) 1.37 g Negative Positive Synthesized Works Cited 1. J, Nicks, Uses of Calcium Chloride. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/uses-of-calcium-chloride.html (accessed 6/2, 2013).

2. Tro, N. J., Ed.; In Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach; Pearson: Glenview, IL, 2010; , pp 81, 147-148. (2)
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