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Unlike general advertising, DRTV is an extremely accountable

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Antonio Davila

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Unlike general advertising, DRTV is an extremely accountable

Unlike general advertising, DRTV is
an extremely accountable and
precise form of advertising
where how many people responded
as a result of each media placement
can be accurately determined.

DRTV … Say what?

 Benefits  Features

Reasons to Believe

Reasons to Believe
Call to Action

DRTV Basics

Some DRTV Basics
Best Practices
Examples of DRTV spots

We will not be covering DRTV
media, day parts, media
optimization, creative execution


“Soft” offer – The soft offer is for prospects who might have a need
for your product or service some day, but not today

“Hard” offer – The hard offer is for prospects who have an immediate need and an immediate interest in talking with the marketer about its products or services

Premium aka: incentive, tradeable, value-add


A good DRTV product (or service)
solves a
- Sum Yung Guy

A 1 or 2 minute “elevator pitch” (sometimes :30 sec.)

Accountable, trackable, optimizable media placement

DRTV … What is it?

Best Practices



Carrington College Testimonials

Did I mention … testimonials?
aka: 3rd Party Endorsements

“Not that everything in the middle doesn’t matter, but if you don’t
gain attention and don’t close the sale, the rest of the spot won’t matter. In DRTV, this means you should focus your effort on making the opening (first 20 to 30 seconds) and the call to action as compelling as possible.” - Tim Hawthorne, CEO Hawthorne Direct

Carrington College Problem

Arresting Opening

Problem (Solution)

Problem is used to emotionally
resonate with the viewer.

An arresting opening is also used to
grab as many eyeballs (viewers) up
front when a commercial begins.

Generally 15-20 seconds in a 2:00 minute spot
Most consumers transact during the CTA
It is literally asking for the sale
A reiteration of the offer


“See/Say” Supers

“Consumers need a reason to believe. You can’t just tell viewers tha t your product or service is better than other options available to them on the market. How is your product or service better? Provide the science behind the product, the advantages over other services, etc.” —Ian French

One of the top 10 BEST Schools
Ranked by U.S. News & Worlds Report
3rd Party endorsements – testimonials
Awards and accolades
The “secret sauce”
The technology
3rd party endorsements aka: testimonials

Bose_reasons to believe

Reasons to Believe

(Problem) Solution

Generally within the first 10 seconds the “solution” is offered – i.e.: the product or service
Bottom 1/3 comes up with an omnipresent CTA within first 10 – 15 seconds of spot

Generally within the within the first 10
seconds the 'solution" is
offered-i.e: the product or
Bottom 1/3 comes up with an
o,nispresent CTA within first 10
-15 seconds of spot
This presentation will cover
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