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Interior Design

No description

Claire McDonough

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Interior Design

High School Classes that will help...
Jobs now that will help to become this designer
-Working at a store with people such as Kohl's, to strengthen communication and listening skills.
What education do you need?
Related Jobs...
What are some interests?
They are Artistic - A Creator.
- They enjoy things like art, music and books.
- They express their feelings easily.
I chose Interior Design as my career
Interior Design
Skills they need...
- Creating fashion and style designs for your clients.
As apart of the Marketing Cluster
Fashion Designer
Art Directors
Advises client on interior design factors such as space planning, layout and use of furnishings, and color coordination.
They, select or design, and purchase furnishings, art works, and accessories.
Talk with clients to know details that would affect their planning , such as budget, architectural preferences, and purpose plus function.
Estimate material amounts, and costs, before presenting the design to client for approval.
Review their drawings and plan, to make sure that everything will work together.
Coordinate with other professionals, such as contractors, architects, engineers, and plumbers, to make sure their project is a success.
What do Interior designers do?
Enterprising - A Persuader.
- They like to sell things or ideas.
- Power is important to them.
- Like to use their language skills to show and convince other people of their ideas.
-Designing and arranging objects in a certain space or room.
- Selling products or services.
- Work well as a member of a design team.
Claire McDonough
Period 4
-Working at a decorating store to get more time around different materials.
-To practice putting colors, patterns, and accessories together to make a space come together.
Schools that give the Right education
The University of Northern Iowa- located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Harrison College of Design- located in Chicago, Illinois.
the pay...
In the state of Iowa, an average wage would be about $ 44,163.
You might also want to receive a Bachelors of Art degree, or a Bachelors of Applied Arts degree.
Nationally it is around $52,970
The highest average wage is in Rhode Island, which is around $65,930
Business and Marketing
- They usually work for themselves, so they are responsible for finding, communicating with and billing clients.
- they need to know how to measure properly, making small mistakes can add up.
You would need/ want to get a degree in Interior Design.

Family and Consumer Sciences-
Things taught in family and consumer science class, includes sewing, home furnishing and money management.
Interior decorators don’t have to know how to draw or paint, but knowing complementary colors, light, shading and perspective are needed to furnish a room beautifully.
- Interior designers need to be comfortable talking with and in front of people.
Job outlook
the employment change is expected to be +19.3%, which is higher than the national average for all occupations.
The total job openings is predicted to be about 2840. which is actually lower than the national average for all occupations.
Work HOurs
Being an Interior Designer the work hours would be flexible, depending how many clients they have, and the size of their projects.
where you can get hired...
work conditions
interior designers usually work in a well lit and comfortable area.
Designers may work in their own offices or studios or in their clients’ homes.
They also may travel to other locations, such as showrooms, and design centers.
Interior designers may work under stress to meet deadlines, stay on budget, and please clients.
Pros vs Cons
Why interior design interests me?
I enjoy putting little pieces together to make a big improvement in a room.
I love to see what mixing patterns and colors can do to accent each other and the room they are in.

flexible working hours and conditions.

doing different projects/rooms.

traveling to other homes/clients.

meeting new people/clients and help their rooms fit their personalities.

you don't get paid that much.

not a lot of jobs are expected to be available in the future.
They usually work for design firms,
at retail furniture stores,
or even specific design centers.
Only some states require you to have a license.
4 years of schooling beyond high school.







here is an example of how an interior designer can change a room by adding and switching out small things.
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