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Dutch Immigration to Canada

No description

Tara Henderson

on 20 June 2018

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Transcript of Dutch Immigration to Canada

My project is about Dutch Immigration - specifically Dutch people and information about them immigrating to Canada.

A photo of Dutch immigrants arriving in Quebec.
I'll also say some fun facts!
I hope you enjoy my presentation.
When the Dutch immigrated to Canada, they immigrated to the Prairie Provinces [Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta].
Not only did the Dutch immigrate there, but they also immigrated to America! and places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and more.
New York
Where did the Dutch immigrate?
The Dutch Language: FAQ
The Dutch settled mostly to the USA. Some of the earliest Dutch settlers were United Empire Loyalists, who fled to the Canadian colonies during the American Revolution.
Other places they immigrated to are:
In fact, Winnipeg had the largest Dutch community in Canada due to WW1.
Where does the Dutch language originate from?
The Dutch language originates from The Netherlands, specifically Holland.
Between 1890 and 1930, 25,000 Dutch immigrants came to Canada.
How many people speak Dutch?
Around 23-28 million.
Where do most people speak Dutch?
Most people speak Dutch throughout South America, Aruba, and the Caribbean.
What does dutch look and sound like?
Dutch looks like this:
¨Lees dit! Het beste tarweland en weideland der wereld!¨ translates in English to: ¨Read this! The best wheat and pasture in the world!¨
When did the Dutch immigrate to Canada?
The first wave of Dutch immigration [1892-1914] The first wave began in 1892, when a group of men moved to western Canada to get jobs as farm workers. The next year 103 people including families moved to Saskatchewan to start their lives in a new, different land.
Why did the Dutch immigrate to Canada?
The next large migration happened between 1920 and 1929. During this, there was lots of demand asking for work in the farm, factory, and construction.
The third and last big wave of Dutch immigration began in 1947, following the end of WW2.
In conclusion, the Dutch immigrated to Canada in 1892-1914.

There were many farm workers who did not earn enough money for a living in their home country. They lost their jobs because machines were doing their work. They were desperate. And Canada had lots of good reasons to move there. People from The Netherlands saw advertising and magic lantern shows that promised a good and happy life in the Canadian Prairies.
Also, land was free.
People were told that if they worked hard, they were expected to succeed and gain more money.
The Flag
The Netherlands flag was originally orange, white and a lighter shade of blue.
Which is now a light shade of maroon with a darker shade of blue.
What does the flag mean?
The old flag [orange, white, sky blue]. The orange in the flag represents a Dutch prince, William of orange.
During my project, I'll be talking about things like where people immigrated from, when they immigrated, and who immigrated to Canada.
Also, make sure to pay attention because there will be a quiz at the end.
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