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Benjamin Franklin

Scienctists/inventor project for science.

Emilyk Fischvogt

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin January 17th, 1706
April 17, 1790
Statesman Life Without Ben Franklin Imagine cooking your chicken nuggets over a fire, having to change your glasses when you read or see, and cowering infear because your house might get struck by lightening.
But because of Ben Franklin, you cook your nuggets in a oven, wear bifocals, and have a lightening rod to make things safe. Life would be different without Ben Franklin. The Many Jobs of Ben His main professtion was a Statesman.
Book Printer
Cabage Making
Declaration of Independance Writer
Newspaper Editor
Dreamer Have you achieved as much as Benjamin? Noted 18 Century Scienctist
Inventor of the stove, lightning rod, bifocals, and more
Founded the first hospital in the US
Introduced several crops to the US
Founded the first insurance company
Established the first fire department and police force in America
Brought in the idea of Prayer in Congress
He was Colonel in the military
Drew the first cartoon in US newspaper
First American humor writer
Established the first University in the US
He is on the $100 bill
First American coined in 1764
He got married and had kids. Famous Monuments The University of Pennsylvania named its athetic field in his honor
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Benjamin Franklin National Memorial Fun Facts He had a daughter Named Sarah
He wrote an autobiography
He ran
Born and died on the 17th day of the month
15th of 17 kids Poor Richard's Almanac
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