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Homeless People

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of Homeless People

How come all shelters don't get all homeless people?
Some homes are against specific things. Such as, being against LGBTQ, fear of contracting insects, spreading illnesses, etc.
Why don't they let homeless people get jobs?
They don't let the homeless people get jobs because they don't got reliable phones, the economy effects everything, it's hard for them to stay clean, etc.
Why do homeless people choose streets than shelters?
Can homeless people get a house at some point?
Yes, they can own a property if they earn enough money.
How do people become homeless?
They can become homeless people because lack of jobs,lack of money, housing costs, lack of health care, etc.
Why doesn't the Government take care of all homeless people?
That is because the poor have no power and no money.
Homeless People
Some homeless people refuse to stay in a shelter because the shelter beds have bedbugs, there are drug dealers, they steal, etc.
Why are people so rude to homeless people?
They are rude because they have
no respect for them and they
think that they deserve
being homeless
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