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My 1st Semester at SCSU

No description

Cierra Dickhausen

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of My 1st Semester at SCSU

My First Semester at SCSU
Cierra Dickhausen
3 things I have learned
College Expectations: DEBUNKED
- I thought I'd hear about more crazy parties
-Bus system is not as interesting as I thought it'd be.
-I thought I'd be less stressed out
- I thought I'd have no money but I really understand that concept now.

Students Organized for Change
Highlights of my 1st Semester
-1st Apartment!
-1st in my Immediate family to go to college
-Amazing people kept me going
-Lots of adventures

Tips Future Freshman could Benefit from..
-Don't try to be that guy/girl (kid who skips, gets drunk all the time, etc.)
-Embrace who you are but also try to start out with a fresh slate. You can become someone totally new.
-Go to class and participate in as many activities as you can.
-As much as I hate to say it--Live on campus.
Madilyne Wegener
Emily Herne
Human relations
-More serious about my future
-Stressed out
-Really good at procrastinating
How have I changed?
-It showed me my priviliges in life.
-The opportunity I have coming to college is even more important than I thought.
-Other people are struggling like me too.
-I am a serial procrastinator and that doesn't mesh well with college.
-It's nothing like anyone has ever explained to me besides the work load.
-You're going to find people who don't care about going here and you shouldn't let that drag you down.
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