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German Immigrants to Canada

This is a presentation about the German immigrants when they arrived in Canada

Sydney Sheppard

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of German Immigrants to Canada

German immigrants came to Canada because of the war.Houses were bombed and the social and economic discrimination in Germany led to the immigration of thousands of German Jews during all the immigration waves in Germany. Germans were promised better food and a land of freedom.In Germany the crops were not growing,so many Germans were starving. Also lots of diseases were going around in Germany.After the Napoleonic wars ended in 1815 the Germans lost their German markets and German industry in floods.Most Germans live in apartments or townhouses because the cost of a house is to high, it is triple or double the price than Canada.In Germany there was no money, you could not afford anything.Here in Canada there was hope for the German immigrants.

What were the reasons German immigrants came to Canada?
How did the German immigrants help make Canada the way it is today ?
German immigrants helped make Canada the way it is today because the Germans helped build schools and churches that are still standing as we are speaking.The German Canadians increased the population by 3 179 425 people in 2006.The Germans also helped with the crops because no one would farm on the prairie but then Germans started growing wheat for Canada. Manitoba would import flour but then they opened up the grain industry and started to export it. German immigrants also helped a well known German named William Berczy. William Berczy is the man who made the road through a forest and it is now know as Yonge street in Toronto which is the longest street in the world.Did you know that 19% of the businesses from 1950 to 1966 were started by German immigrants?Some of these businesses became gigantic enterprises like Helmut and Hugo Eppich in Vancover.
What were some hardships the Germans had faced once they arrived in Canada?
Some hardships the Germans faced were no jobs,money,homeland,homes and education.They also had to adjust to a new language (French and English) and a new climate (intense winters).They didn't have very much money and some people were collecting Taxes to let the German immigrants live on certain land so it was hard to find a land to live on that also had lots of food.In 1924 Canada had German immigrants as non-preferred immigrants so they could only do agricultural work but in 1927 German immigrants were promoted to preferred class.Also in 1939-1945 Canadian government arrested about 837 German farmers and workers.Germans were enemies so in some years it was hard to come to Canada so the Germans said that they were Dutch or Russian.
German Canadians keep their customs and traditions by celebrating May Day which is on May 1st and Day of German Unity which is on October 3rd.The Germans celebrate May Day by decorating a pole or tree then dancing around it and decorating them with branches or flowers and crowning a May Queen. Germans celebrate German Unity Day because it was 1990 when East and West Germany joined together. But in Canada German Canadians will celebrate Canada Day. In Germany St.Nicholas is said to visit during the night of December 5 and the people will awake on December 6 to find their shoes stuffed with nuts,fruits and chocolates.Schnitzel is very popular in Germany and is one of the top 10 most eaten foods.The Germans brought the recipe from Germany to make in Canada. I have schnitzel all the time and it is so good. In Manitoba there is a German Society Organization and it helps German Canadians keep their traditions and customs alive.
The German immigrants greatest achievements when coming to and arriving in Canada were that some German immigrants built a model of German Mills when they arrived in Canada and they became widely known, Germans were on top of the preferred list after the war so that made it a lot easier coming to Canada.Germany became one of Canada's largest ethnic categories of the European orgin.In 1753 German immigrants started a town of a 1 400 community called Luxemburg located southwest of Halifax.From eight coastal stations German Moravian's served the Inuit until the 1960's as educators,employers and judges. Also in 1874 George Rath became quite famous because he was a German immigrant who introduced a new method of delivering drinking water. Instead of using an oxcart with one tap he would keep the water in beer kegs on a house drawn brewery wagon and he delivered the water through long hoses.
How did the German immigrants lifestyle change when they arrived in Canada?
The German immigrants lifestyle changed because German winters are not as cold as Canadian winters and summers in Germany are cooler and receive more rain. So they had to adjust to the climate change. The german immigrants also had to adjust to the new time zone. Germany is six hours ahead of Canada so they would have to eat and sleep at different times. That is a big change. The immigrants spoke German and the Canadians spoke French or English, so half the time the immigrants did not know what the Canadians were saying. Some german immigrants came with miners so they would have a job in Canada and the miners had to teach the German immigrants how to mine for rocks (gold) and minerals to make money. In Germany the people would use a different currency than in Canada so they had to learn how to use the money in Canada. Their lifestyle also changed because they were ruled by a king and in Canada we have a Prime Minister.
How did the German Canadians keep their traditions and customs today?
German Immigrants to Canada
What were the German immigrants greatest opportunities and achievements when coming to and arriving in Canada?
Guten Tag!
That means good day.
That means thank you.
The five major waves of German immigration.
the first German immigrants came to Canada then in
German immigrants came and settled in Ontario. In
1830 to 1880
they all immigrated to western Canada and in
1881 to 1914
they settled all over Canada but German immigrants did not immigrate again to Canada until
because of the wars.
Did you know that Quebec's first record settler from Germany is Hans Bernard who bought land on Ile d'Orleans in 1654.
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