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What can Businesses Learn from Text Mining?

No description

Kazi Hirok

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of What can Businesses Learn from Text Mining?

What can Businesses Learn from Text Mining?
Presented by
Md. Manirul Islam
Roll 91

Kazi Hirok Al-Arafat,
Roll 92

Case Overview & Examples
Questions & Answers
Division of Content
1. Case overview & Examples of business uses of text mining

2. Answering the questions

The discovery of patterns & relationships from large sets of unstructured data
What is text mining?
What are the uses?
JetBlue airways : extracting data from complaint mail
Determining the interest in a certain product
Determining possibility of return visit from feedback : Choice Hotels
National security!
Q1. What challenges does the increase in unstructured data present for businesses?
Data not readily usable
Patterns or relationships not recognizable directly
Q2. How does text mining improve decision making?
Thoroughly detailed data sources
Fast & accurate analysis
Q3. What kinds of companies are most likely to benefit
from text mining software?
Consumer goods companies
Hotels & resorts
Many others
Q4. In what ways could text mining potentially lead to
the erosion of personal information privacy?
Profiling without consent
Manipulative actions by users of the information
Thanks :)
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