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5 Themes of geography- Australia

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Carlee Evans

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of 5 Themes of geography- Australia

Australia: 5 Themes of Geography
Absolute-35.3075° S, 149.1244° E
Canberra, Coordinates

Relative-Australia is south of Asia, east of Africa and is surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the Western side, the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side. Africa is western of Australia.
Australia will be found in the southern part of the world, northern of Antarctica.
Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. Australia is surrounded by oceans on all sides. It has many mountains, forests, hills, deserts, which take up over 35% of Australia, and reefs. One of the mountains found in Australia is, the Australian Alps. A famous desert found in Australia is the Australian Outback. Some lakes in Australia are Lake Eyre, Lake Gorgon, Lake Torrens, and Lake Argyle.
They use buses, cars, airplanes, and trains to get from one place to another as public transportation. They also use camels, mules and donkeys.
Goods in Australia are transported by large ships, cars, carts, airplanes, and horses. Back in the 1950's, people would transport goods by the Murray River on paddle-boats. They still use many ports to transport goods from one place to another.
There are a lot of ways ideas are transported from one place to another. People use technology to share their ideas, whether it's on social media or talking on the phone with another person.
Australia is filled with venomous/poisonous animals, so people have to adapt to being cautious every step they take. Australians also have to get used to the weather. It's really hot and sometimes not safe to be around. Health conditions to be aware of are heat strokes, dehydration, and much more.

There are many environment issues in Australia, such as... Oil spills, animal hunting, ocean polluting, land destruction and pollution. These problems cause the earth has to adapt to humans. Australians produce 52 million tons of waste.
Human Environment Interaction
Barossa, Australia is in part of the wine region. The wine region is known for making white wine.
There's also the Coastal Region where three peninsulas are found. For example, the Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, and the Fleurieu Peninsula. The peninsula of greatest size is the Eyre Peninsula. In the coast region, you can also go deep sea diving in the Limestone Coast.
The Outback, which is in Flinder's Range, is a desert. Kangaroos are the main type of animals in this region.
Human Environmental Interaction
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