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Stormbreaker Theme

This is my presentation for an English LitQuake about the book, Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, and it's theme.

Andrea Ludwig

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Stormbreaker Theme

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker
Theme By: Anthony Horowitz Summary Alex's Uncle, Ian, dies unexpectedly.
Alex discovers that his uncle was really an undercover spy, and was killed on a mission to Sayle Enterprises, where he was investigating the owner, and trying to discover the true secrets behind the company and it's apparent generosity to great Britain.
Alex is sent to complete the mission, and is eventually able to discover Herod Sayle's secrets and plans, and is able to stop him before it is too late. Theme The theme of Stormbreaker is that children and teens can accomplish much more than is expected of them, and that they can have large impacts on the world. Wolf and Cub At the spy training, Alex is treated differently because he is a child, especially by Wolf, who is constantly putting him down and holding him back. “every time he spoke to Alex, he used the same sneering type of voice. ‘Good night, Double O Nothing. Don’t wet the bed.’” By the end of the training, due to some of Alex's actions, Wolf realizes that Alex might not be too bad to work with, and that he might have been wrong about him. “I was wrong about you,” he states as they are saying their goodbyes, “You’re all right. And maybe... one day it would be good to work with you.” Sent on a Mission He is Expected to Fail Blunt and Mrs. Jones, who send Alex to Sayle Enterprises, don't even believe that he can accomplish anything, or even make it back alive. “The Boy’s not ready yet. He'll make mistakes. It won't take them long to figure out who he is.” Past Memories Change the Future Sayle wanted revenge upon the man who made his school days awful, and the country that never truly accepted him. “From the moment I arrived at the school, I was mocked and bullied. Because of my size. Because of my dark skin. Because I couldn't speak English well. Because I wasn't one of them,” That is why he wants to have the Prime Minister release connect the computers online, triggering the release of the lethal gas into the air. In conclusion... Children have very large impacts on the world.

They are generally underestimated, and can surprise people with what they can accomplish.

How we act as children greatly affects who we will grow up to become, and our actions can have much larger impacts on the people around us that we realize. The End! I hope you learned a little about this exciting book, it's theme, and how children can change the world!
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