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Renewable Energy

Differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources

Amanda Ratajczyk

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy! Non-Renewable Energy There are many different
types of renewable energy. Wind
Biomass Solar Energy: Solar energy is a great way to
provide electricity to our homes.
Solar energy comes from the sun, which
is a great way to RE-use energy. There would be no pollution
created when we use solar energy. Biomass Hydropower Hydropower is a new kind of renewable energy.
New technology made it possible for energy from the waves. The way Microhydro is used, is taking smaller flows of waves on the horizon to abandoned mines to run small generators. There are many different kind of biomass that
can be broken down and used for energy. Soybean, Manure,and Garbage are different
biomass' that are renewable. Garbage- When the garbage
is burned, the steam that is produced
is capable to heat buildings or generate
electricity. Manure- When it is collected,
the methane gas is seperated from
the liquid and solid waste. The methane gas
can be generated into elecricity. Soybeans- Biodiesel is an alternative
energy source to power our cars. Usually to create
better fuel, petroleum diesel is added to make it cleaner Wind Wind energy is simple; wind. The
light breeze you feel on your face,
which is then turned into energy.
The wind turbines get powered by
the force of the wind and then turn to
activate a generator which turns to electricity. This pictures shows how the
generator works. The picture below shows
how the wind mill works. These are different way to receive
biomass energy. This shows how the
generator works to power
the hydro plant, and create
energy. In this picture above,
solar panels are installed on
roof of a building. They receive the sun's rays, and then collect it and power the home, for elecricity and heat. This is a video about how
the wind turbines work This video shows the process
of biomass turning into energy Above is a video about
how the water powers the generators to convert energy This video shows how
solar panels power the
houses. The difference between non-renewable energy and renewable energy is non-renewable energy runs out. For example, Coal, and Fossil Fuels; one day they will run out. Renewable energy such as, wind, geothermal, solar, and biomass, is energy that is man made, and will have for years to come.We will not run out ever.
Fossil fuels produce pollution wind energy does not.
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