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Chris's first Prezi

No description

Chris Green

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Chris's first Prezi

By : Christopher Green The Magic Of Shojo <3 My Favorite SHOJO's <3 1) Lovely Complex
2) Kimi no Todoki
3) Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
4) School Rumble
5) Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
6) Sukitte Li na yo
7) Toradora
8) Itzura no Kiss
9) Bokura ga ita
10) Kotoura-San Shojo(Girl) Vs Shounen(Boy) This is a review from one of my favorite manga/anime analyzers(forneverworld) on which genre is better the powerful shounen or the romantic shojo!
Irregular narrative sequence.
diversity of paneling Yohimoto Vs Tradition Banana
Mania Yoshimoto = Shojo? (Cont) When was it that Yuichi said to me, “Why is it that everything I eat when I’m with you is so delicious?” I laughed. “Could it be that you’re satisfying hunger and lust at the same time?” (Kitchen 100) More Quotes! Shoujo’s emphasis is on characterization—the person’s thoughts, feelings, hobbies, relationships, etc there are many possibilities for romance to evolve. These values reflect the state not of just girls but of Japan’s contemporary people. Shoujo culture necessitates emotion, innocence, fancy and fantasies. Was Banana Mania inspired by Shojo? Yoshimoto’s stories has characteristics of a culture unique to Japan: that of the shoujo which literally means “girl”. 1) flashbacks and reflections to carry the story forward.
2) breaks away from traditional block panels in progression. ON to Bishounen! Congratulations!
Now let's start & inspire someone with your presentation! Why Manga/Anime is the Best! I hope you guys can get into the Shojo life! Here's a trailer of my favorite shojo Lovely Complex. The manga was so successful in Japan that the writer decided to make a live action movie of it ... BEWARE Japanese acting is very strange and may need time to get used to. Banana Yoshimoto's writing style isn't your average Japanese novel. Romantic love does not exist in traditional Japanese literature, or where it does, it always meets with objection and too often ends in tragedy.traditional Japanese literature seemingly mirrors romantic love in only two possible ways: with gloomy cynicism or with an overwhelming sense of the tragic. Banana Mania’ exploded in Japan and across the globe in the early 1990s. Her novels involve young metropolitan men and women. In Japan she is known for writing novels that express a freshness offbeat, trendy, pop culture-based with romance which gives her stories an international atmosphere. Values in shoujo
consumerism. This transgress reality: time, body, and space itself, and Yoshimoto’s fiction does exactly this. Dream kitchens.I will have countless ones, in my heart or in reality. Or in my travels. Alone, with a crowd of people, with one other person—in all the many places I will live. I know that there will be so many more. (43)

A memory of Eriko, the saddest one of all.Of all the many plants in her terrace window, the one she had acquired first was the potted pineapple. She told me about it once. (79)

I was too sad to be able to sleep in the same bed with anyone; that would only make the sadness worse. But here was a kitchen, some plants, someone sleeping in the next room, perfect quiet…this was the best. (Kitchen 16)
“Okay, that’s what I’ll bring you.” I smiled and opened the car door. Suddenly a freezing draft came blowing in. “It’s cold!” I exclaimed. “Yuichi, it’s cold, cold, cold!” I buried my face in his arm, gripping it fiercely. His warm sweater smelled of autumn leaves. “Surely it’ll be a little warmer in Izu,” Yuichi said, almost contemplatively. I kept my face pressed to his side. “How long did you say you’re staying?” he said, not moving. His voice resonated directly into my ear. “Four days and three nights.” I gently pulled myself away. “You should come back feeling a little bit better, and we’ll go out for tea again, okay?” He looked at me, smiling. I nodded, got out of the car, and waved goodbye. (78) I can’t believe in the gods. (86) After this you and I may end up seeing nothing but suffering, difficulty and ugliness, but only if you’ll agree to it, I want for us to go on to more difficult places, happier places, whatever comes, together.[…]” (101) Bishounen Bishounen is a character of either sex, extremely beloved by many girls, boys, whether he is a man or woman. This is because the Japanese believe that its the ultimate fantasy of sexlessness. They have the masculine of the male and the beauty of a female. Bishounen characters are usually the most liviliest and bring all the characters together and we see this both in kitchen and shojo manga. Eriko awakens everyone's true inner self.
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