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Amelia Moran

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of ISIS

Global Perspective on ISIS
Although some countries have individuals that support ISIS, all countries reject the ideology and actions of the organization.
Although China is against ISIS, they have not taken extensive action against the organization and blame much of the issues surrounding it on the United States
China is Against ISIS
-An article in China Daily referred to members of ISIS as "cold-blooded Islamic State jihadists" and referred to their actions as "hell-bent" and "absurd", and states that ISIS is "built on the blood and suffering of innocents" (China Daily)

-China is against ISIS and has "expressed concerns about the rise of the Islamic State", however, "Beijing has also shown no part in wanting to take part in the US-lead coalition's efforts to use military force against the militant group" (China Daily USA)
China Blames the U.S.
Works Cited
-An article from China Daily Mail claims that the US is supplying ISIS with weapons, stating that "The US reports that it is rushing weapons to Iraq to fight against ISIS, but Chinese media condemns the US, saying they are giving weapons to ISIS to fight against the US and its allies" (China Daily Mail)

-China feels that the U.S. has lost control of the situation in Iraq, stating that "the U.S. has basically lost the ability to influence and manipulate the domestic turmoil and warfare in Iraq and has remained helpless for pacifying the armed sectarian conflicts" (Xiaoqiu)

Chinese Political Cartoon
While Indonesia has a large Muslim population, some of which find ISIS appealing, the country condemns the actions of ISIS
Muslims Supporting ISIS
-The Indonesian government has been struggling to keep their citizens from joining ISIS, as "the government estimates that over 500 people have left the country to join the movement", as Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population, and the government has taken measures such as blocking websites and arresting those returning from ISIS (Asmarani)

-ISIS released a video aimed at Muslim Indonesians, asking them, "'Are your homes, businesses, and wealth more beloved to you than Allah, His Messenger, and jihad in his path?'" and praising the actions of ISIS, telling how they "'built schools to fulfill its responsibility of teaching the people the book of Allah and the Sunnah'" (Kibtiah)

Recruitment Video: "Join the Ranks!"
Government Against ISIS
Middle East
-The Indonesian government has been attempting to prevent Muslims who joined ISIS from returning to Indonesia because the government “says the hardline group formerly known as the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant (ISIS) contradicts Indonesia’s pluralist state ideology Pancasila, and that it will block websites displaying its content” (Lamb).

-The Indonesian president feels that ISIS is embarrassing to Islam. The president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, stated that “the scale of the killing instigated by the extremists in their offensive in large areas of Iraq and Syria and the level of violence being used was appalling” (Al Arabiya News).

The Islamic fundamentalist group strives to establish an Islamic caliphate where Islam is practiced according to strict guidelines.
Bird of Jannah
A women believed to be the wife of an Isis jihadist runs a blog from her home in Syria where she promotes life as a jihadi bride in the Islamic State. On her blog she posts Isis propaganda, glorifies martyrdom, describes her life in Syria, praises the Islamic State, and even explains how to support Isis and move to Syria. She describes in detail what to do when you arrive, how you will be housed, what the health care system is like, etc. (Hall)
ISIS aims to restore the "Islamic Golden Age" by way of jihad.
According to Isis, a unified Islamic state should be ruled by a caliph under strict sharia law.
Uses violence in order to maintain control over the territory that it occupies.
Organized in a bureaucracy lead by the proclaimed caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
ISIS holds extremely hostile views toward western ideals of progression and liberalism
("ISIS’s Ideology and Vision, and Their Implementation.")
Brazil refrains from engaging in conflict with ISIS in the distant Middle East because of government policy and political leadership, though Brazil’s attitude towards terrorism and domestic policies make the country susceptible to attack.
Why no intervention?
Government Action
This a portion of an interview of a captured ISIS soldier. Here he reveals motivation of ISIS and the process by which they train militants.
ISIS occupies a portion of Iraq in which it inflicts many violent acts.
Becoming involved with international issues that do not involve Brazil and would incite war in unconstitutional.

Constitutionally, non-intervention and defense of peace are part of Brazil's international relation policy (Brazilian Const. art. 4.IV.VI.).

Brazil refraining from taking action against ISIS is in line with what is written into their constitution.

Currently, according to Estadao International, Brazil is among those countries that do not address terrorism with specific laws.

Technically speaking, there are no recognized terrorists within the borders of Brazil (Kubiske).
Iraq is opposed to ISIS's ideology; an Iraqi news source stated that Iraq would like to make clear that the ideals of ISIS are not those of all Muslims.
These pictures show executions, both public and as propaganda carried out by ISIS in Iraq
Iraq has called for foreign aid in fighting off ISIS in the past
An Iraqi news source stated in 2014, "They have been committing heinous crimes in the areas they have taken, including the mass execution of civilians as well as Iraqi army troops and officers." ("Iraq Calls for International Support to Fight ISIS")
At the United Nations General Assembly of 2014, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff indirectly justified Brazil not taking action in the Middle East through the statement, “The use of force is incapable of eliminating the underlying causes of conflict.” Rousseff further elaborated, “Each military intervention leads not to peace, but to the deterioration of these conflicts.” Rousseff’s belief that conflict with ISIS can be dealt with through conversation and diplomacy is one not shared by many. ISIS members are generally not interested in ceasing their destructive activity as long as they believe they are furthering their cause in the name of Allah, so a peaceful approach to the violent and expanding organization is unlikely to gain much ground.

These statements made by Rousseff were prefaced by the topic of fiscal activity in Brazil and how, as Rousseff described it, “we have striven to shield Brazil from external volatility”. Should Brazil choose to become involved with the affairs and dealings of ISIS, it would certainly present a high disruption in terms of both foreign relations and the sheer monetary value of deploying military forces overseas. This situation should surely be considered volatile and makes understandable why Brazil would choose not to intervene, despite any moral obligations or attachments to the situation.

In response to bombings carried out against ISIS by US military operations, "Over 60 countries have stated their support for the bombings... All of them, except Brazil, understood very well the urgent need to counter the Isis threat" (Veja International). While many countries offer the US support in action against ISIS, Brazil remains hesitant and has not been moved to make greater efforts to support anti-terrorism activity.
As stated previously, Brazil does not currently have in place any anti-terrorism laws. Though some are proposed, they are not universally accepted as some fear they could be used to restrict and even criminalize social rights movements (theguardian.com).

According to Estadao International, there is the concern that ISIS propaganda may give way to "lone wolf" terrorist attacks in Brazil. The recruits foreign from ISIS territories would be able to carry out unpredictable attacks isolated from the organization itself.

Because of the lack in anti-terrorism laws, Brazilian intelligence and anti-terrorism agencies are faced with serious limitations on their abilities to identify threats and stop them before they can be successful. The largest concern regarding potential future attacks lies with the approaching 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. Such a huge event encompassing international parties is a likely target for terroist activity, hard enough to maintain safely without the obstacles that are in place because of Brazil's lack of anti-terror legislature.

Iraqi Women
Women were often affected by ISIS in a different way than men were. This is a an interview of an Iraqi girl who was taken by ISIS for the sex trade.
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Threat in Brazil
Chinese Political Cartoon
This Chinese political cartoon shows that China feels that ISIS is a global threat
This Chinese political Cartoon shows that China feels that the U.S. is useless in preventing ISIS from causing problems in Iraq
tawaghit = those who believe in something other than Allah
The United Kingdom recognizes ISIS as a terrorist organization and has taken steps to combat the group, as it is seen as a growing threat to national security.

UK Against ISIS
Under the UK’s Proscribed Terrorist Organisations, ISIS is listed under the names ISIS, ISIL, and Islamic State as, “a brutal Sunni Islamist terrorist group active in Iraq and Syria.” The UK recognizes ISIS as a terrorist group and, as a Western country, condemns their mission and training processes. The way children are brought up with strict Sharia law, jihadist teachings, limited education in other areas, and are so young recruited to fight for the Islamic State is seen as corrupting future generations. Sources from the BBC fear that, “the children of the IS will grow into young men trained to kill and hate and they will trouble Syria and Iraq for years to come.”

The UK, unlike Brazil, does have in place anti-terrorist legislature. The Terrorism Act of 2000 makes provisions about the prosecution and punishment that should be carried out for terrorist offences.

Along with having a basis of laws to help counter terrorist activity, the UK has joined a US-led coalition to fight ISIS and has been one of the most active participants of said pact. The UK began airstrikes on ISIS territories in October of 2014, since that time giving over $60 million American dollars in humanitarian aid (CNN).

ISIS Threat to UK
The Joint Terrorism Analysis Center (JTAC), an intelligence agency that advises the British government on terrorist threats, has, “ changed the UK threat level from international terrorism from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE.” The “threat levels” indicate the likelihood of a terrorist attack occurring, "the current threat level means that the threat of a terrorist attack is considered to be highly likely" (MI5). The only threat level higher than the one currently in place is “critical”, describing an imminent attack.

According to Home Secretary Theresa May, in Iraq and Syria, ISIS is developing plans for attacks against the West. These attacks may very well include participants hailing from foreign countries. From Britain, the government and various news sources, such as the BBC, have agreed that upwards of 500 British nationals have left their home country to fight in the Middle East. A number of these migrants will join the ranks of ISIS (gov.uk).
These are examples of some highly viewed posts on the blog. They are ISIS propaganda which encourages others, especially young women to come support the Islamic State.
("Diary Of A Traveler")
The light in which media sources present the organization of ISIS along with government policy determine public opion on the necessity to combat ISIS. The point of view from which the source comes affects which aspects of the stories are emphasized. The aspects that benefit the country and its image are stressed in reports from that source.
A video clip from the BBC involving a young boy recently escaped from ISIS torturers, showing GB feels the organization exploits children.
Full transcript