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Copy of Keeping it Fresh!

Annual Fund

Keturi Beatty

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Keeping it Fresh!

Keeping it FRESH! The Hockaday School
Kathy Limmer, Director of Development and External Affairs
Keturi Beatty, Director of Annual Giving Donors
Volunteers Surprise Me
Entice Me
Make Me Care Keep it Fresh! Goal- STAND OUT Surprise- Direct Mail Rethink your envelope
Notes Thank you for making my Hockaday experience possible!
-Jane Song '12 If you care about Hockaday as much as I do, open immediately... Mrs. Keturi Beatty
1234 Hockaday Way
Dallas, TX 75229 AVOID Videos
Monthly Unexpected Media Informational
Stewardship The Princeton Pause "Annual Giving is what allows Princeton to be Princeton." Themed
Pictures of campus
Pictures from alumni Surprise me! Unexpected Stewardship Emails/social media
Converge study- email most effective
Young alumnae- college gifts
Consecutive Donors
daisy seed card New New Volunteers
New Assignments
New Calendar
Fast forward
100% in 100 days Challenges Leap year
UPenn- leap into action
UNCW - caller initiative
Alum Information Update challenge
Class Agent
$100 Amex & Hockaday gift
Alumnae Match
Ela Giving Day
Reunion challenge Ela Giving Day FY11 FY12 $36,160.17
240 gifts, 4% points $80,000+
250+ gifts generate online buzz Entice me! : to attack unexpectedly : to attract artfully or skillfully by arousing hope or desire Donor Centric Communication Mental nods
"You" test
www.sofii.org- example letters subscribe: Ahern Blog How to entice a donor: Give them what they really want. To feel good
To feel loved
To feel smart
To feel needed
To belong Narrative brain hardwired to learn through storytelling narratives raised more $ than statistics -Dan Airiely, Duke 2006
-Marts & Lundy Neuroscience decision making- emotional seat rational Dopamine in brain activated by giving Data
Return on Investment ISAS Survey Email: Subject lines "Describe the candy not the wrapper."
"Go Green Association Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 7"
"How to Live in Harmony with Backyard Wildlife."
<35 characters 19% open rate
>35 characters 15%
What's in it for me
Avoid "salesy"
"Free Shipping this Easter - Offer Code Inside" (13% open rate)
"Free Shipping - Happy Easter"
(16.6% open rate) subscribe: Kivi Leroux Miller Blog Example email subject lines we love... "If you can read this..." inside: "you have the power to help change a child's life."
-call to action- volunteer "Lost: Four Hippos" inside: results of National Day of Action - 12,00 lbs lost -Mailermailer -gourmetstation/mailchimp study "You cannot bore me and expect me to pay attention." St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio, TX Make me care! Relevant: having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand Every Appeal: Why us?
Why now?
Why would I care? -Marts & Lundy Segmentation Reunion alumnae
Slide show
Young alumnae
Care packages @ college
Handwritten notes
Thank you call from student
College Winter Break reception/ panel
Affinity groups
"Old girls" prep new president- video
Boarders RELEVANCE Donor Day: Demonstrate Impact
Phillips Exceter- Thank a Donor Day
Lawn signs and price tags - UNCW, Lawrenceville
Student involvement- thank you notes, video booth, games
TCU- SLAM (students leaving a mark) Strategic Messaging: Education & Philanthropy ideas: Data- IMPACT Relevance Relevance Stewardship/solicitation letters

Imact item list- new each year Think beyond the Annual Report... TCU- SLAM website: http://www.campaign.tcu.edu/newsite/af_slam.asp Relevance Class Agents Relevance Peer to peer
E-mail/phone/address contest
Class Agent leadership forum
Letter Signings
Follow up solicitation note card & TY Rethink your phonathons relevance Connect-a-thons
Young alumnae-texting friends to pledge
Alumnae in home -party!
Follow up- ty to alums, to donors, "sorry we missed you"
Hire young alums! example phonathon sheets used at Hockaday: University of Texas "meet a student caller" webcam of calling center Relevance phonathon, Longhorn style... Questions? Kathy Limmer, Director of Development and External Afairs

Keturi Beatty, Director of Annual Giving
kbeatty@mail.hockaday.org inspiration urgency electronic buzz parents and alumnae Hockaday Experience monthly feedback themed e-newsletters -Tom Ahern Surprise: to attack unnexpectedly Surprise Me! approx:
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