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Shumann's Acculturaltion Model

No description

Laura Ramos

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Shumann's Acculturaltion Model

Schumann's Acculturation Model
A Case Study:

Immigrants acquiring a Second Language in the U.S. (target culture) with no formal instruction

Social and Psychological Factors account for
What is Acculturation?
"The process of becoming adapted to a new culture" (Brown)

"The social and psychological (affective) integration of the learner with the target language group" (Schumann)
Two types of Acculturation:
Type 1 Acculturation

Type 2 Acculturation
Socio-cultural and psychological approach to SLA
Applied Linguistics

Language Acquisition
The Neurobiology of Language and Learning
Professor Schumann
Alberto had fossilised at a very early stage of linguistic development
Success or Failure??
The learner is socially integrated and psychologically open... So Input becomes
The learner wants to
adopt the target culture's
life style and values
The Pidginisation
Pidgin-like language
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