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Benedict Arnold

The Traitor

Anthony puertas

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Benedict Arnold

The great tarter of American Revolution!! Date of death :
place of death : Benedict Arnold died on June 14,1801.
And died in London,England. sources : Importance in history : Arnold was a General in both Continental
Army & the British army. He was first with the Continental Army, until he was chought switching sides to help the British in 1780. Family: 2 out of 11 kids survive in to adulthood , and Arnold was one of the kids to survived. His mom was a wealthy widow before she married Arnold's dad (who was a store keeper) Date of birth :
Place of birth : Benedict Arnold was born on January 14,1741 in Norwick , Connecticut. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/benedict-arnold-american-traitor-born http://www.usnews.com/news/national/articles/2008/06/27/benedict-arnold-a-traitor-but-once-a-patriot Benedict Arnold was born January 14, 1741, to successful businessman Benedict Arnold and his wife Margaret. Raised in Norwich, CT (Connecticut), Arnold was one of 11 children though only two, Arnold and his sister Hannah, survived to adulthood. The loss of the other children led Arnold's father to alcoholism and prevented him from teaching his son the family business. He wanted a higher rank and a better pay, for he was deeply in debt
however, he mostly betrayed his country for his wife, Margaret. If you research her, she is the real "Benedict Arnold". she had relations with another british soldier. She got Benedict to switch sides. there wasn't exactly an affair though but all of it was his wife's idea The Treason Badly in need of money, he started to pass info on American troop movements and strength of units to the British in exchange for money Why How Five Facts 1. He was a very brave man and favored by Washington. But he became a traitor when he was not paid according to his merits and was humiliated by his seniors. The Colonial Congress declined to give him back payment he was worthy of. 2. Arnold's conspiracy against his own country caused the modern-day term Benedict Arnold to be used for a traitor. 3. Before the West Point conspiracy, he was considered one of the best generals of America. A statue has been installed in America to show respect to him, but his name is not inscribed on it 4. In 1801, he died of a disease caused by anxiety 5. He stopped the British Navy at the Battle of Valcour and protected Washington's back.
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