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Industrial advancements, inventions and science in the 1800s

Industrial advancements, inventions, and science in the 1800s

Milena Meehan

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Industrial advancements, inventions and science in the 1800s

Telegraph Key 1844
Samuel Morse
It was very simple, it was a strip of spring steel that was pressed against a metal contact. Steel Plow 1837
John Deere
self polishing Steel Plow
it was used in farming to cultivate the soil Mechanical Reaper 1831
Cyrus McCormick
A of harvester for cutting down grain Sewing Machine 1833
Walter Hunt, with improvements by Elisas Howe in 1846 and Issac Singer in 1854.
Walter Hunt invented it with the lockstich tecnique . It is the same tecnique that is used today in modern sewing machines. Corn Sheller
Lester E. Denison
a machine used to shuck ears of corn of their silk. Industrial
Inventions Typewriter 1829
W.A. Burt
The first machine that enabled people to create type without a printing press. Refrigerator 1834
Jacob Perkins
It was a device that helped preserve food longer by freezing it.
1800's Fire Hydrants 1801
Fredrick Graff Sr.
Came up with the idea, and created fire hydrants Inventions
Science Inverted Microscope 1850
J. Lawrence Smith
The first microscope with its light source above the stage pointing down. Science Inventions Industrial advancements Ice Cream Maker 1843
Nancy Johnson
A machine used to make small amounts of ice cream at home.

by dutch settlers in the U.S.
a type of fried dough prepared in various forms
ussually sweet and shaped in rings The Donut By Milena and Herbie By Herbie and Milena
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