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I.Q. : Independence Hall By Roland Smith

LA project

josh garwood

on 20 May 2012

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Transcript of I.Q. : Independence Hall By Roland Smith

The Main Characters Quest- Son of Blaze, stepson of Roger and stepbrother to Angela. Quest teams with Boone, Angel, and the SOS team to find Angela's mom. Angela- Daughter of Roger, stepdaughter to Blaze, and stepsister to Quest. Her mom is reported dead, but she joins with Boone and Quest to try to find her. Boone- An old "roadie" who becomes the driver for the tour. He is secretly operating the SOS crew and is trying to find the "dead" terrorist, Angela's mom. Malak- Angela's mom, a FBI agent, who "dies" in a terrorist bomb attempt. Malak fakes her death and switches over to be a imposter terrorist. She tries to contact Angela, and also expose a forming terrorist cell. Create a Power Point Presentation/Book Trailer/Prezi. This should include a minimum of 15 slides, which have clipart, animations, & sounds. The following information must be included: title, author, main characters, minor characters, protagonist(s), antagonist(s), setting, conflict, 3 major events, conflict, & resolution. You will present the presentation to the class. The Minor Characters Blaze- Quest's mom, Angela's stepmom, and Roger's wife. Blaze is a part of the band Match. Roger- Quest's stepdad, Angela's dad, and Blaze's wife. Roger was originally married to Malak, but when she was pronounced dead, the marriage ended.
Eben- Eben is the team leader of the Israeli Mossad team sent to find and kill The Leopard. The S.O.S. team- Vanessa, X-Ray, Everett,Felix, and Uly are all retired agents who have teamed up with Boone to form the S.O.S. crew.
Ziv- Ziv is the driver for Eben's team, but he turns out to be working for Malak. Setting The story, IQ, takes place mainly in Philadelphia. The characters start off in San Fransisco, then travel across the country to the East coast, where the majority of the adventure happens. The band is staying in a RV and they are parked in an empty warehouse. Angela and Q travel around Philadelphia while their parents stay in New York. The conflict occurs when Angela discovers that she is being followed. In Philadelphia, she realizes a certain man has been following her from San Fransisco. When Boone tells her and Q that the man is from the Israeli Mossad, Angela freaks out. Later when Boone informs Angela that her mom is not dead, she demands to know why. The S.O.S. team learns that Eben's crew is trying to find Malak also. They attempt to uncover the secret location of the "Leopard". Conflict Protagonists There are two protagonists in this book. The first one is Q. He is the son of Blaze and he loves magic. He performs many tricks, sometimes to get himself out of trouble. The second protagonist is Angela. She is Roger's daughter and wishes to be a F.B.I. agent when she grows up. Her mother, Malak, is missing and the S.O.S. team is trying to reach her before the terrorists do. Angela and Q team up with S.O.S. to find Angela's mom. The Antagonist The antagonists of the story are Eben and his team. Eben is a terrorist for the Israeli Mossad and works as the team leader on a mission to find Malak(The Leopard) and kill her before she blows any more terrorists' cover. The team includes Ziv, Carma, and Devorah. They work together to find Malak, but the team breaks up when Ziv flips over to the other side and joins Malak. The Resolution The resolution occurs when Q and Angela are being held at gunpoint by Eben. Q and Angela were on their way to Malak's location when they were kidnapped by Eben. Eben is surprised to see Boone sneakily trap him and force him to give over the kids. The kids continue to the location given by Ziv, until they reach Malak. Angela and Malak tearfully embrace while Eben is with his crew, sending them home to Israel. Boone finds Malak and asks her about her plan. S.O.S. realizes that the White House is about to be invaded and contacts the President. This book ends suspensefully as Malak explains the seriousness of the situation. Roland Smith The Stalking The scene begins when Angela and Q are eating dinner in a diner in Philadelphia. As Q eats, Angela stares at all the people eating around her. She is playing a game that her mom taught her as a kid. When Q asks her why she's not eating, she comments about a man that might have been following her. She had noticed the man at the wedding, and now here in Philly. Q questions why someone would want to follow her. Angela decides to test her theory by walking around the block and see if he follows. She starts walking and Q waits by the restaurant. Boone surprises him and asks him what is going on. Angela comes back, and the man hadn't moved. She decides he wasn't harmful, but Boone says differently. He won't continue until they have privacy. When Boone,Q, and Angela reach their destination, Independence hall, he tells Angela that the man was a spy for the Israeli Mossad and her mom might still be alive. The whole mood of the book swings as they now try to solve the mystery of Angela's mom's death. The Attack The scene begins when Angela and Q are in a taxi on their way home from Independence hall. A car behind them suddenly hits them. They soon realize that they are under attack and try to contact Boone. What they don't realize is that the driver is part of the S.O.S. team. They drive frantically until the driver hits his head on the steering wheel. They pull into the E.R. and fend off the agents from Eben's team to get their driver , Everett, to the doctor. Angela knocks two agents out with kicks to the head. While they wait for help, Eben comes in. Thanks to Q's quick thinking, they escape due to a diversion by Q's card trick that stops two doctors to watch. The trick drags on until Boone can arrive. The Escape This scene starts when Q meets Angela in the RV. Angela had been on the run for the majority of the day, and he is surprised to see her. She knows that the trailer is bugged, so they go in the bathroom to talk. She tells him that she has gotten an email from her mom saying to meet her at a specific location. Angela asks Q to come along with her to help find her mom. He agrees and they go off to the secret location. Boone realizes that Q is gone with no tracing device, so he sends out a crew to look for him. Meanwhile, Angela and Q meet Ziv, a helper of Malak. He tells them where to meet Malak. Just as they are about to get to the room with Malak, Eben catches them and holds them at gunpoint. He is questioning them when Boone sneakily catches him. He makes the terrorist agent let the kids go and takes Eben as hostage. Boone makes sure he knows where the kids are going and then lets them go find Angela's mom. By Josh Garwood
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