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We can help to save our planet

No description

Vianey Aburto

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of We can help to save our planet

Environmental pollution is a very worrying phenomenon that is charging more lives. According to the latest statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) today 7 million people die from this problem.

If we don't start to counteract the effects of pollution, many more people will die.
What could we do to save our planet?
If we don't throw litter to the oceans and rivers, we will help to conserve many aquatic species.
We need to stop deforestation...
The air will be more clean, if we
use the car less and walk more.
3° C T/M
Vianey Aburto Vidal
Leslie Fabiola Balán Marchena
Jessica Morales Álvarez
Damaris Vanessa Olán Palma
If we save water, our future generations won't die of thirst.
Say yes! to the change...
If you say yes to the change , the planet and humanity will thank
We can help to save our Planet
If we close the water faucets while they are not used we will save thousands liters of water.
If we plant more trees , the planet will have more oxygen.
If we use less detergent chemicals , the world will have more water, clean and healthy.

If we care and love animals , they do not become extinct. Our future generations
deserve to know .
"The earth loves our footsteps
and fears our hands" - Joaquín Araújo

" The land is insulted and offers flowers
in response. " - Rabindranath Tagore
If people keep on using paper for no reason and don´t recycle, many animals will become homeless.
Every year the world loses an area of ​​forest about 9 million hectares, mainly due to the activity of the paper industry.
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