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A Visit From the Goon Squad Character Map

No description

Anna Galea

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of A Visit From the Goon Squad Character Map

Bennie Salazar


Bennie is one of the main characters.
As a teenager, Bennie was just a regular kid in a band called "The Flaming Dildos," and was in love with Alice. As an adult, he became the producer of a record label. He married Stephanie, whom he later divorced, and had a son named Chris. Bennie has experienced both failure and success in his life, and is somehow connected to almost every character in the book in some way. He feels the effects of time on his life, especially through the way he is losing passion for his work, since to him, musics is no longer what it used to be.

Rhea is Bennie's friend from his teenage years. She is a member of The Flaming Dildos, and had a crush on him. As a teenager, Rhea was very insecure and hated her freckles. She was embodied the "typical teenager" and was very observant to her world. She described things as she observed them instead of partaking in the direct action.
Jocelyn is Rhea's best friend
as a teenager. She had a relationship with Lou, a 35 year old man, and then an affair with his son Rolph. The passage of time negatively affects her, as she sees her life slipping away from her when she visits Lou when she is an adult and he is old and sick. She comes to the realization that she has thrown her life away and is still living with her parents, and shows the reader how even someone with seemingly a lot of potential and ambition in their youth can throw their life away.
Rolph is Lou's son who commits suicide. As a child, he seems to be more trusting of Lou than his sister Charlie, but realizes how bad of a person Lou is when he gets older.
Lou is a middle aged man who constantly is in and out of relationships, and has had many wives and children. He is afraid of getting old and represents and grasp onto youth and the past that is an innate thing in people, but very overt in Lou. He had a relationship with Jocelyn when she was a teenager.
Charlie is Lou's daughter, and Rolph's brother. She can see through Lou's superficial charm and knows the true person he is.
Mindy is Lou's girlfriend and then wife. She is very smart and is working on her education. She stays with Lou mainly for the benefits, since she knows she is better than him. He brings her on vacation to Africa, where she flirts with Albert, who intrigues her.
Albert flirts with Mindy in Africa, on a safari. The two never have contact afterward, but he is indirectly what makes Lou marry Mindy.
Alice is Bennie's friend and a member of the Flaming Dildos. She is the rich girl that Bennie is in love with as a teenager. Alice, however, is in love with Scotty, and ends up marrying him as adults and later divorcing him.
Scotty was a friend (and then rival) of Bennie's in high school. He was a member of the Flaming Dildos and very musically talented as a teenager. He was also somewhat somber and dark, and had suffered eye damage from staring at the sun after losing his mother when he was young. As an adult, Scotty became a janitor in New York City at a local school, and came to visit Bennie in an awkward encounter at his record label, who was doing much better financially and career-wise than Scotty. Later on, Scotty and Bennie have another encounter during Scotty's debut performance.
Stephanie is Bennie's first wife. She has dark hair and tattoos and is very different from the society she lived in with Bennie, which is in Crandale. Bennie cheats on Stephanie with Kathy.
Chris is the son of Bennie and Stephanie. Chris always tries to anger Stephanie and do the opposite of what he is told. While he has this in common with his father Bennie, he seems at times to have an awkward relationship with Bennie, and doesn't enjoy spending time with him that much
Son of
Was married to

Rival of
Had a crush
Was married to
Had a
crush on
Best friend of
Had a relationship
Had an affair with
Daughter of
Son of
Jules Jones
Kitty Jackson
La Doll/Dolly
The General
Dolly (known as La Doll when she was famous) was a famous publicist at the height of her career, who threw a party with oil lights that ended up accidentally injuring her clients. She experiences a fall from fame, and ends up doing things for her career just to make ends meet that she never would have done before, like doing a story on The General, a mass murderer.
Lulu is Dolly's daughter. She stands for the complete immersion into technology that the younger generation has.
The General is a mass murderer who employed Dolly to help fix his image. Dolly uses a fuzzy hat to make him seem kinder and more likeable, which actually ends up working. The General slightly remedies Dolly's career and financial situations after her fall from fame.
Was hired by
Mother of
Worked for
Older brother of
Claims to have attended "The Party"
Wrote a biography
Kitty Jackson was an actress who was attacked by Jules Jones. She acted in "Oh! Baby Oh!" and then later had a rise in her life after being attacked by Jules. However, her true self was later exposed and she experienced a fall from fame. She later gets involved with the General, which contributes to a rise in her fame again.
Jules is the older brother of Stephanie. He is a writer and wrote a biography about Bosco. He was involved in a sex scandal with Kitty Jackson after attempting to rape her, and then wrote an article about it.
Bosco is a former rock star who decided to end his career by going out with a bang with a suicide tour. This never happened, and Bosco ended up the owner of a dairy farm, overweight, and with no ambition.
Alex is connected to both Bennie and Sasha. In the beginning of the novel, Alex is going out on a date with Sasha, and ends up working with Bennie at the end of the novel. Alex never forgot Sasha, as she has had a big effect on him, and he ends up searching for her with Bennie.
Worked with
Went on a date with
Rebecca is Alex's wife. She is very against her daughter Cara-Ann becoming immersed into the world of technology, and keeps her from using a lot of technological devices.
Cara Ann is Rebecca's daughter. She is a very young child and is already being exposed to technology. Her parents are trying to shelter her from this. She represents the younger, more technologically immersed generation.
Married to
Lupa is Bennie's second wife. She represents a new direction in which Bennie takes his life.
Ava is the daughter of Bennie and Lupa.
Mother of
Married to
Sasha is the second main character of the book. She works for Bennie, and lives in New York City. Sasha is a kleptomaniac, and keeps a collection of all the things she has stolen, which represent different parts of her life, or different emotions and phases she has experienced.
Ted Hollander
Lars was the Swede that Sasha was involved with in Naples. He bought the things that she stole for him.
Drew was introduced when he was dating Sasha, and he was dreaming of becoming the next president. He marries Sasha after the death of Rob, and has 2 kids with her. Drew becomes a doctor so that he can save people because of Rob. His daughter sees him as reserved and unable to connect with his family well because his work takes up all his time. He often thinks about and remembers Rob.
Rob was college friends with Drew, and extremely close with Sasha. He and Sasha had a bond like no other. Rob is confused about his sexuality and may be gay. He had made an attempt at his life, and has persevered through a lot of hardship in his life. Rob drowns in the East River by accident after the current is too strong and Drew fails to save him.
Friends in college with
Best friends with
Married to
Previously involved with
Uncle of
Ted Hollander is Sasha's uncle who was supposed to search for her when she ran away, but instead went sight-seeing. Ted was a parental figure to Sasha when she needed it, and often sheltered her from fights with her parents and always looked after her. He runs into Sasha when she has become a wanderer.
Allison is Sasha and Drew's daughter, who uses technology to express herself in a slide journal. She is very observant, and notices every interaction and emotion that goes on between her family members.
Lincoln is Allison's brother and Sasha and Drew's son. He is autistic, and has an intense passion for music, specifically songs with pauses in them.
Father of
Involved With
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