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Copy of Operating Systems

Giving an insight into the meaning of operating systems, how they work, and which is recommended!

divya praseed

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Operating Systems

Performing Computer Maintenance
Five computer maintenance
Update your Operating System
Check your hard drive errors
Defragment your Hard drive
Clean up your hard drive
Back up your files
Why do we perform Computer Maintenance?

To help your system run smoothly
To reduce the risk of computer problems
To maintain top performance
Update Linux
Update your OS
Update Mac OS
How do we Perform computer Maintenance?

What do you mean by updating?
To update the OS you need to download and install the latest components and programs. these updates fix problems and resolve security issues.

you can reduce computer problems and maximize online safety by updating OS
Check your hard drive errors
Types of updates
Steps to check hard drive errors
Bug fixes
Security updates
'Start'>'All Programs'>'Network and Internet'>'Internet Options'>'Delete browsing History & Cookies'>'General'>'Delete temporary internet files'.

Another way to clean up your drive is to follow this video.
Hard drive errors
Hard drive errors can cause files to become corrupted, which may prevent us from running a program or opening a document.
Types of Hard drive errors
Bad sector
File system error
Two ways to update
Manual update

Automatic update
How do we update?
Steps to update your OS

Manual Automatic

Click Start Click Start
Click All programs Click All programs
Click Windows update Click Windows update
Click check for updates Click change the settings
Turn automatic update on or off

Steps to do defragmentation.

Hard drive typically contains billions of sectors and so it would be too inefficient for the OS to deal with individual sectors. Instead the OS groups sectors into clusters.
Bullguard -
Norton -
McAfee -
Answer the following

What are "important updates" ?
What are "recommended updates" and "optional updates"?

Bullguard - One package from these provide internet security, online backup, parental controls, spamfilter and antivirus. This is able to run on 3 computers simultaneously, for one year, at a price of £49.95.
Norton is another example who provide Antivirus, online backup, identity protection on three computers, for one year, at a price of £59.99.
AVG is a third example, but is slightly different as is is usually free. There are paid versions, but the most common is free. It provides protection from hackers, personal information protection, email protection, download safe files, all on one computer and at a cost for £36, when not the free version.

Defragmentation means to bring together the various pieces that comprise each file on the drive. this makes our operating system and our programs to run faster. opens our documents more quickly.
Bugs cause the system to behave erratically or crash. so we need bug fixes updates to fix these problems.
OS problems can lead to security breaches that might enable another person to infiltrate our system or infect it with virus. security updates help to solve these problems.
What have you understood today?
Identify and mention the use of this device
Bad Sector ---- is one through physical damage or some other cause, the OS can no longer use to reliably store the data.

File system error -----occurs when the OS loses track of part of a file or mixes up the parts of two or more files.
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