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Martin Luther King, Jr., 12/04/2017

No description

Hazel Sparrow

on 4 December 2017

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Transcript of Martin Luther King, Jr., 12/04/2017

To review
Martin Luther King, Jr.s
"I Have a Dream" Speech

Monday, December 04, 2017
Learning Objective

Share & Response

Will the story affect a substantial number of people?
Mon. Dec. 04, 2017
Read Aloud
Shared reading
“10 Things About MLK”
© 2012 hssparrow
Root word of the day:
Mon., Dec. 04, 2017
Five-minute writing
The Student Pledge

“Inattention and careless work are the first steps on the road to failure! Success is built on a foundation of firm routine - good study habits that require daily exercise. I want success and promise to do my best to participate in class, to pay attention, and complete all my assignments in a timely manner. I shall be polite, avoid any and all rude behavior, and respectfully observe all classroom rules.”
© 2017 hssparrow
Growth Mindset
accept challenges
mistakes are opportunities to learn
believe in the "power of YET!"
can always improve

1. Read and annotate "I Have a Dream"
2. Review vocab definitions
civil rights
(civ·il rights)

the right for all to be treated equally, regardless of their race, national origin, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation
Seat Work:
Review the "I Have a Dream" vocab
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. impacted people worldwide with his focus on:
equal rights for all people
eliminating poverty
desegregation of public facilities
disenfranchised people
non-violent protest
hope for the future
Exit Ticket:
4 things you learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.
Fixed Mindset
avoid challenges
accept failure
see intelligence as fixed
Mon. Dec. 04, 2017
Read Aloud
Shared reading
“I Have a Dream”
What was Martin Luther King's
for this country?
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